Author - Hadassah Bitton

Facts History

The story of the Oud

Music has played a hugely important part in the history and culture of the world as we know it. Every country in the world has music of some kind, and...

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How to impress your boss

In the workplace you want to give your all, to shine and stand out. Making a good impression is incredibly important if you want to progress in your career...

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Nature Science

How clouds are formed

The weather is pretty amazing, isn’t it? Unless it catches us short without an umbrella, of course… When you think about how the natural world works...

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The amazing Komodo dragons

We love the name Komodo dragon – doesn’t it just seem like the name of an animal that you’d find on Game of Thrones?! We’ve seen them on TV and in...

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The science of Tsunamies

A tsunami is one of the most destructive and powerful forces on the planet. As well as being destructive, tsunamis are also awe-inspiring, terrifying...

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