The untold story of Steve Wozniak


When you think of Apple, you no doubt think of the iPhone, the iPod, and the Apple Mac computer. You also likely think about Steve Jobs, the late-founder of Apple, and the man many consider the face of the company. Apple are considered pioneers in the world of modern technology, and Jobs was seen as the poster boy for this. There is no question about the influence Apple has had and continues to have, on the world, even following Jobs’ death.

In the ‘70s and ‘80s, there were several companies attempting to spearhead the tech revolution across the United States. Apple was at the forefront of this, and the company became a titan of technology. As well as Jobs’ influence, there was another mastermind behind Apple’s success as well. However, so many people overlook the ‘other’ Steve involved with Apple, the guy considered by many to be the true genius. Here is the untold story of Steve Wozniak.

The Apple I

Together with his friend and partner Steve Jobs, Wozniak was responsible for co-founding Apple and spearheading the personal computer revolution of the 1970s and 1980s. Wozniak was instrumental in engineering so much of the company’s success, and he pretty much single-handedly built the Apple I computer in 1976. In fact, he was the principal designer for many of the Apple products and helped to turn the company into the tech giants they became.

The quiet genius

If you could compare the Apple set up to a successful band, Jobs was the frontman and lead singer, while Wozniak was very much the quiet guitarist who wrote all the songs. This dynamic continued throughout their entire working relationship, right up until leaving. In the ‘80s, Wozniak felt the company was stifling him, as he didn’t enjoy the management side of things, instead preferring to engineer. He also took exception at the company’s and Jobs’ refusal to acknowledge the importance of the Apple II, his brainchild, and he eventually left in 1985.

Strained relationship

Indeed, the two Steve’s were very much polar opposites, with Woz the quiet, unassuming genius, and Jobs the confident, extrovert who could spellbind a room with his rhetoric. The partnership worked in a lot of ways, but it was also highly dysfunctional. Wozniak found Jobs to be prickly and abrasive, and the two argued a lot about money and designs. There is no doubt they were good friends, at least to begin with, but many feel Jobs didn’t show Wozniak the respect he deserved.

It is clear that Wozniak was the true brains behind Apple, and the technology the company was using and developing. It is a shame that he and Jobs had such as strained relationship and that Wozniak did not get the recognition he deserves for the work he did in taking Apple from the company they were, to the tech phenomenon they have become. This quiet and unassuming man has helped change the world is so many ways, and we should certainly acknowledge what he has done.

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