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The 5 Best Productivity Pieces of Advice From Extremely Successful People


If you’re looking to become more productive, looking at what highly-successful do to achieve these results can be extremely helpful. They have the same 24 hours in a day that you have, so what are they doing that you haven’t been doing?


1. Focus on minutes, rather than hours

Most people schedule things based on the hour, or sometimes in half hour segments. However, extremely productive and successful people know that every hour has 60 minutes. This means that there are 1,440 minutes in everyday. They understand that time is money.  Money can always be re-made, but time is something you will never be able to get back, and therefore it should be used as wisely as possible.  Take this piece of advice from successful people and focus on minutes in the day, rather than hours.

2. Always focus on one thing

Super-productive people know that they will be most efficient and successful if they focus on one task at once.  Rather than trying to tackle several tasks at once and getting distracted from so much going on, they understand that taking their most important task and devoting a certain amount of time to only that, free of any interruptions, will in the long run be more productive and lead to a better end result. They take on the tasks they know will best help them reach their ultimate goal and dedicate their time to that. It’s all about prioritizing. Take it from their experience!

3. Use a to-do lists

Contrary to popular thought that to-do lists is the most productive way to achieve all of your daily tasks, it is not what the most successful people actually do. They schedule everything on their calendars.  According to statistics, only 41 percent of the items and to-do lists really get done.  Furthermore, having such a lengthy to-do list often only causes more stress and lack of sleep. The thought of uncompleted tasks will inevitably stay on your mind and haunt you until they are completed. This is an actual phenomenon, known as the Zeigarnik effect.  What highly successful and productive people do to avoid this stress, they add everything to their calendars, and then stick to what is planned for that day.

4. Find time to travel

It is part of human nature to be inconsistent when it comes time. We cannot really trust ourselves what will do in the future.  For examples, we’ll purchase vegetables today with the plan to be healthy all week. However, often times we will end throwing out these vegetables because they went bad.  What successful people do, in contrast, is that when they decide they are going to do something, they also think about how they can ensure they really do it in the future as well. They prepare themselves in advance to avoid sabotaging their own success in the future.

5. Always come home for dinner

Everyone ,not only highly successful people, know that there is always more work that can be done. However, successful people know what is truly important to them in life. Work, is of course a high priority, however they also make time for the things that they also value.  This can of course vary from person to person, ranging from family time, exercising or volunteering.  All things being said, the most productive of people schedule their time in the day to make time for all things that are important to them, including come come for dinner with their family.