The 9 Best Tools Entrepreneurs Should Be Using To Market Their Local Business


The days have gone when all you had to do to market your local business is advertise in the yellow pages. It’s time to get tech-savvy! There are literally hundreds of tools out there to help you with your online marketing and gain not only local customers but also grab the attention of a larger audience. So how do you know which tools are right for you? Well, we’ve helped to cut through the mire and provide you with some of the best tools available to help your business regardless of whether you are a florist or construction company.

Google My Business

An incredible 46% of all Google searches are local searches, so it makes sense to embrace Google’s tools to increase the marketing of your local business. First thing’s first. Get yourself set up on Google’s business website which allows you to input your business’s important information such as name, address, opening times and contact details, so potential customers can see it when they search Google. You can add a Google Maps option allowing you to pinpoint your business on the map. Add some pics of your business on there as well to attract potential customers.

The bonus of Google My Business is that you can manage all your details from a simple dashboard which allows you to keep updated with reviews, see how many people are interacting with your website and what they are looking at, as well as those that are asking for directions to your business. All of this data allows you the knowledge to improve your website to target your potential customers in a more direct way by spotting trends.


AWeber is a tool that helps you build an email marketing list to target potential customers and hopefully turn existing clients into repeat clients. The site allows you to send unlimited email blasts and build unlimited lists for newsletters and unlimited autoresponder messages for a small fee of $20 a month. The allows you to send your words out to up to 500 subscribers per list. There’s also an awesome affiliate program which rewards you pretty well for pointing out the tool to others, offering 30% commission! A nice way to boost your business coffers. Free 30-day trial is currently available.


Yelp is an incredibly important tool for businesses, and some would argue even more important than owning a website itself. It was reported in March 2016 that 145 million unique visitors use it as their go-to site on a monthly basis, making it pretty much essential to get in on the action. It is similar to Google My Business in that it displays your contact details, business hours, reviews and pictures for users to find. It is fully manageable by your mobile phone, meaning you can manage your Yelp page and interact with customers on the go. Like Google My Business you can also respond to feedback and reviews of your company and track what your customers look for on your site, making it a fully-integrated tool to improve the footfall of your business.  


BuzzSumo is one of the greatest tools out there to do some research on what your customer wants. Type in a keyword or backlink into the BuzzSumo search bar and it will provide you with a detailed report showing you how that topic performed. So why is this news important? Well, as a small business you need to spend your marketing dollars carefully. Getting to grips with the BuzzSumo search option and finding out what topics to write your content on can ensure that you get the right kind of readers to your site, increasing potential sales for your business.

Facebook Pages Manager

Does your business have a Facebook page? If not, get one quick! There are up to 1.65 billion users on the site daily, so ensuring you’ve got a piece of that action is essential to marketing your local business. Once your page is setup download Facebook’s Page Manager app on your Android or iOS device.

From this app, you can post updates, videos, and photos to your page. Interaction with your customers is also important, and with the app, you can reply to comments on your page and messages. The speed in which you reply to your customers can say a lot about how organized and trustworthy your business is, so having a mobile app allows you to respond quickly.  

The Facebook Pages Manager also gives you tips, reminders, and notifications to help you manage your page and hopefully increase your clientele. Combine the Facebook Pages Manager with Facebook advertising and ‘Boosts’ too to maximize the potency of your marketing attack.


Socedo is a tracker tool that takes the data people type on social media sites such as Twitter to create a prospective user list. It works by taking your own generated keywords, hashtags and other criteria and scours Twitter to find those people who may be interested in your business. It can even automatically favorite your tweets and follow those users that might be useful to your company. And big names have got in on the action too, with the Socedo’s website listing Microsoft, Lenovo, and Heinz as some of their customers. 


Bing Places For Business

It may be the scrappy younger cousin of Facebook and Google, but Bing still controls a third of the searches completed online. Fill in your business details on their website and verify your listing and you’re ready to go. It operates much like the Google and Yelp directories, allowing you to manage your profile to tailor it to your business needs. And chances are you will be getting one-up on your competitors, too. After all, would you have known that Bing had such a huge market share? Nope, us neither.


Autosend is a great way of reaching out to each person who joins your website in a personal and tailored way. It allows you to send targeted email and text messages to every customer, making reference to what they do on your site. Whether your customer had taken a look at an item to purchase, read the FAQs or used a voucher code, you can send them a message that is unique to them, and hopefully, convert this into a repeat visit to your site.

YP For Business

Yellow Pages has reinvented itself for the modern age. Gone are those cumbersome yellow books and now they’ve embraced technology and created an online database of local businesses. And a whopping 60 million people use it every month to search locally. Listings on the site are free, so you may as well give it a try.

But how successful is it? Well, according to the YP website, the mobile web and app drive over three calls to a local business every second. That’s a stat we’d like to be a part of thanks! Did you hear us say app? Oh, that’s right. You can control all of your efforts via the YP for Business app allowing you to make changes on the move.

The End?

Well, that’s it. We’ve given you some basic tools to get yourself up and running with the online marketing of your local business. As your business grows these tools will continue to be of use, but you may find yourself discovering some other handy apps and sites along the way. Remember, whatever tools you decide to use it’s important to keep embracing new techniques and technologies to keep ahead of the pack when and make your business stand out from the crowd.

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