5 Perfect Gifts To Give A College Graduate


If there is someone in your life about to graduate from college, you might want to start thinking about a gift to show your pride in them. Yes, you can do the cliché engraved whisky flask, or cuff links, but if you want something unique then read on.

Professional Photo Shoot

If you understand any college graduate, you will know that one of the main anxieties after they complete their studies is finding a job. Why don’t you make it easier for them by buying them a professional photo shoot so that they can get that perfect headshot picture? When they land their dream job they will be able to give you some credit for helping them get there with a smart looking CV application.

Premium Linkedin

You might not use Linkedin yourself, or if you do you will understand why this gift is so perfect, but in any case, upgrade a college graduate to a Premium Linkedin account and they will be thanking you for a long time. This upgrade will enable them to contact many business professionals and companies that are looking to hire someone with just their skills.

Spa day

Finishing college is not a simple task. It has been filled with anxiety, stress, anticipation and more often than not some tears. One of the best gifts you can give your college graduate is a relaxing day at a spa, with a massage included. They will be so grateful for this chance to take a break from the last few years of studying and lay back in the Jacuzzi, with only you to thank for. Some Spas can be pricey, so most students would have never bought this for themselves.

Professional Watch

After graduating, all students want their image to portray a successful and professional worker, changing the world one day at a time. One way to help them out is to buy them a professional watch, one that would impress their employer at their first interview. Go on, splash out a bit.

Prepaid Wifi

When you know where your college graduate is going to be living, why not give them the gift of Wifi? This is probably one of the most useful gifts they would get as most of their job searches are going to be online. Also, it’s one of those little extras that make a big difference.