The do’s and don’ts of decorating


When it comes to decorating, everyone has different styles, tastes, inspirations, budgets, spaces and all sorts of varying factors when deciding how to go about decorating their home.  In some cases, there are certain things that simply should not be done when decorating,  and others that are of vital importance in ensuring the most beautiful and suited decor for your home.


Don’t: decor your house in white if you have pets or kids

Although it may be very tempting to use white in your house to obtain a modern look, if you have pets or children, it simply is not worth the risk of staining expensive white furniture, walls, and carpets. You are better off enjoying your space rather than worrying about their every move and covering your home.

Do: aim to get inspired through traveling

The world has so much beauty to offer, and therefore always take travel opportunities when you can. Use these experiences to the fullest, and keep your eyes wide open for decorative inspiration in all forms and places.  And go further than just taking a picture of what’s in front of you; try drawing a picture of the piece to really give you an in -depth sense of all the attributes of the work.

Don’t: forget that you need to sit

Although it may be popular to have a limited amount of objects in the room and give it a certain desired look, keep in mind that both yourself and your guests are going to need to sit.  Decorative does not have to mean uncomfortable and unusable. In a living-room for example, you need chairs that allow people to sit together, that can easily be moved together and that are at the same level.


Do: use significant amounts of color in small spaces

In a room where you will likely be spending most of your time in, dramatic colors might make the room feel heavy or dark. However, if you use color in a small space in which you simply pass through, such as a pantry, it can enable the entire house to feel colorful, without being overdone.  Furthermore, color in small spaces can make the house feel even bigger since it makes the room a more significant, noticeable one.

Don’t: hesitate spending on worthwhile decor

It might be difficult to digest at first how much you’re about to spend, but if you invest in one incredible piece, you’ll have it forever. Not only will the piece last, but it can truly make all the difference in a room, and even throughout the entire house.  It can go a lot further than several cheaper pieces that may very well add up to the same price.

Do: actually Test Paint Colors

When testing your paint colors in room, make sure you do it in big patches. This will really help you determine if the color needs to be either lighter or darker. A small amount of paint won’t do the trick.

Don’t: dismiss the details of the architecture

Paying attention to the architecture of a room does not mean that everything has to be perfectly matching or symmetrical, however it is important to aim to keep the lines and silhouettes within the framework of the architecture of the room. This way everything beautifully works together.

Do: follow your gut

We are all individuals, with very different styles and have various interpretations of what beautiful means. Our homes should be a reflection of our unique character and point of view.  So don’t be afraid to trust yourself and follow your creative path.

Don’t: make the room too conventional

The best way to begin designing a room is to start with a traditional layout of furniture that works well in terms of practicality. Then it gets fun and exciting when you add quirky items to change things up and make it your own.


Do: have an eye catching piece

The axial view can make a significant impact to the eye.  If you have a magnificent piece at the end a corridor, you will surely be drawn to it, whether it be a sparkling chandelier or clay sculpture.  It will inevitably take you in and define the designated space.

Don’t: overdo it on the decor

When it comes to decorating, there are plenty of things that can be done.  However just because it can be done, it does not mean it should necessarily be done.  Often, less is more.  One stand out piece or one section with bursting color is sometimes all you need.

Do: give importance to doors

Making openings between rooms high is definitely worth the investment. The traditional 7 feet tall door does not add much to a room. A high ceiling makes for a greater sense of light and more open space.

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