Gift ideas to give someone you like (just because …)


We all love giving gifts every once in awhile – and rather than buying the same old things for birthdays, Christmases and christenings, the most exciting presents are those that you buy in the heat of the moment. The ones you buy for someone you care about, just because you can! Gifts are the perfect way to show your appreciation to that person, and the ultimate reminder of how lucky they are to have you (of course)… But what kind of gifts do you give someone just because? Here are a few ideas.


A memory box

If you’re looking to get in someone’s good books, or just show them how much you care about them, then a memory box is one of the most personal gifts you can give. Grab an empty cardboard box, and fill it with everything they love;, whether that be sweets, chocolates, cheeses or fruits. Finally, bulk up the box with all of the memories you have together. Print off some of your favorite photos and stick them in a photo album with little trinkets, ticket stubs, currency and bits and bobs that will remind your loved one of these special moments together.


No matter what people say, you just can’t beat a beautiful bunch of flowers. Whether it’s for a specific occasion or just because, flowers are perfect for any occasion. Many different flowers are laden with their own individual meanings, so if you’re looking to really bump up the emotional value of your flowers, check out which flowers match with the theme you’re going for. Roses are for love; sunflowers are for good luck, that kinda thing!



You know the phrase, ‘diamonds are a girl’s best friend?’ Well, that’s not technically true. Any jewelry is anyone’s friend, and you just can’t go wrong with a pretty bracelet, necklace, chain, ring (or even an engagement ring if your ‘just because’ is ‘just because you want to marry them!) This jewelry doesn’t have to be expensive. A little shell bracelet from the seaside could make that person’s day! Or you could make something yourself, to bump up that personal value.

Food and drink

Let’s be honest, we all love it when people come round our house with a nice bottle of wine or a box of donuts (get someone who brings round both, and you’re onto a winner). Although food and drink aren’t the most extravagant or the most expensive thing in the world, it shows that you have put thought into your encounter. It proves that you’ve been thinking about the person (and their needs) – and, obviously, worrying about their lack of donut intake.

Day out or an adventure

There’s nothing better than going on a good old day out. One of the best gifts you could give someone, just because, is an adventure! Pick them up in the morning, don’t tell them where you’re going, and explore somewhere new, try out a new skill, or opt for something completely outrageous – from arts and crafts to skydiving! The possibilities are endless.