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This is why your hands are always cold


With cold days and even colder evenings, sometimes it can be hard to stay warm. However, what about when we’re already inside, and we’re STILL cold? Sometimes it seems as though there is no chance of warming ourselves up. One of the first parts to get cold is our hands, but could there be a reason our appendages are always freezing?

Clothing choices

Let’s cut to the chase, your hands could simply be that cold all the time because you aren’t fully prepared for the weather outside. The weather may be frightful, and the fire might be starting to look more and more delightful, but that doesn’t excuse the fact you need to wrap up before your hands get to such cold temperatures. After all, our bodies will try and keep our core warm as that’s where all the essential organs are. One of the best ways to make sure your hands don’t freeze is to invest in a thick pair of gloves or mittens to combat the temperature before it gets the better of you.

Circulation issues, or are they?

For many years we have heard people say that their cold hands are down to the fact they have poor circulation. However, it looks as though that could all be a lie and we are, in fact, perfectly normal. It is a typical response for the blood vessels in our hands to constrict when we are outside, but that doesn’t mean we should worry. In fact, studies have shown that most people have healthy circulation throughout the rest of their body even if they have cold hands. Of course, this may not be the case for everyone, and it might be time to get checked out by the doctors if you’re worried about your blood flow.

Health check time

If you feel as though your fingers or toes are really cold, have you checked to make sure they are their usual color? Some people suffer from a condition known as Raynaud’s phenomenon which makes digits turn white, blue, or red, as well as be icy to the touch. This is because the vessels in their extremities overreact to the cold more than others. Have no fear. This condition is not a threat to life and is usually just annoying rather than a problem. However, it is worth getting checked in case it’s a symptom of another condition. Better to be safe!

How to stop the sensation

If you feel as though your cold hands are holding you back, then it could be time to bring it up with a doctor. However, this is usually only necessary when you are unable to perform daily tasks such as cooking or getting dressed. Typically, the answer to all our cold hand and toe worries are to simply wrap up warmer and make sure we have plenty of extra layers! Who knew that the answer could be so simple?

So, it looks as though we may not have the health worries we thought we did after all – what a bonus! Now it’s time to get shopping for those extra gloves and socks to keep ourselves nice and toasty all year round.

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