Why studying history is good for us


History studies have risen in popularity over the last few decades, as more and more students choose to learn about our past. Whether it’s American History, WWII studies, Ancient History, or something even more specific, there are plenty of good reasons to study some form of this broad topic. Considering studying history? Here’s why it’s the perfect choice.

Learn from the past

Obviously, when you study history, you’re learning from the past. You’ll learn about the different patterns throughout human history, that tend to repeat themselves; from what starts wars through to what causes an economic crash. You’ll learn a lot about where the human race has gone wrong in the past (such as falling for the charms of charismatic dictators) and what we can do, as a whole, to avoid repeating the same mistakes. Historians can help avoid wars, conflicts, oppression and economic crisis – all by learning from the past.


Transferable skills

Along the same lines as our point above, studying history will give you plenty of transferable skills you can use throughout life. You’ll learn about human nature, economics, sociology, and psychology to name a few. You’ll understand how to analyze the past and make decisions for the future. You’ll also learn how to research and create arguments for and against certain topics, along with being able to decipher whether evidence is really as legitimate as it seems. All of these skills are transferable into a wide range of different jobs, industries, and even in daily life. For example, if you study the different economic bubbles and crashes throughout history you can become an economist, who can help predict the future of our economy.

Cultural awareness

One of the best things about studying history is the amount of cultural awareness you’ll learn along the way. You’ll see the history of discrimination, racial tensions, religious conflicts, and a whole lot more. These are all extremely relevant still today. Studying history will broaden your mind to the trials and tribulations that people from all different backgrounds have been through. A deeper cultural awareness will improve our understanding of people from all walks of life. Which is something we could all do with a bit more of!


You’ll expand your mind

There is something about learning about history that expands our mind in a way other subjects cannot. During your history studies, you’ll have to read a lot, research a lot, and study independently a lot. This encourages us to do the same in other areas of our lives, too. If you find something fascinating, you won’t just accept things at face value. You’ll do more research and reading into that topic, expanding your mind and knowledge of the subject tenfold. Those who study history find they are a lot more inquisitive about the world itself and will tend to learn about new subjects independent on their history studies.

History is definitely a subject that is good for us, in a lot of different ways. It will expand our minds and give us more cultural awareness. Plus it will help us learn from the past and provide us with a wealth of transferable skills that can be used in a variety of different industries. If you’re considering studying history, whether at college or even at home, we’d highly recommend it for all of the incredible benefits.


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Rebecca Walton

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