How to write a good thank you note


Thank you notes are important. Whether its for a wedding gift or a birthday or for getting help from someone, it’s always a good idea to send one of these to show the other person that you are appreciative of what they have given you, even if it is an intangible gift.


But many of us simply do not know the etiquette surrounding thank you notes. After all, we don’t live in the 1800s anymore, and we all have phones. Do they even have a place in our society anymore?

Well, for many people, especially our older relatives, they do. Here are five tips for writing a thank you card that will make your grandma happy.


Thank you notes are supposed to be thoughtful. This means that you can’t just write a letter on any old piece of printer paper – it should be on a nice, personalized card. That way they person will see how much whatever you gave them means to you.

But even if you can’t have a stack of personalized, calligraphed cards on hand, you can always go on down to the nearest convenience store and pick up a thank you card. Remember, no one will be upset to get a thank you card, but it does make it look more sincere if it shows you put a bit of effort into it.


Typing isn’t the worst thing

If you have handwriting which is simply illegible, handwriting so bad that chicken scratches look more like letters in the English language than your actual writing, then it is perhaps best to type up that thank you letter.

If this is the case, then you can go out and buy some nice, patterned printer paper, type up your note, and then send it off. That way, the recipient will see that you put effort into the letter as it is on special paper, and they will really appreciate it.

When do you send it?

Depending on the type of thank you letter, it may determine how fast you are expected to send a thank you card. If it is for a wedding or other life event, it is more than likely that you have invited hundreds of people to your wedding. Writing all of those thank you note will certainly take time and people understand that. It should take you two to three weeks to finish writing your thank yous for your wedding guests.

For almost anything else though, you should write out and send that thank you within 24 to 48 hours. Come on, you can’t be that busy that you can’t write out three sentences saying thank you.


Remember to specify

A thank you note isn’t worth the paper it’s written on if you don’t specify what you are thanking the person for. And the most embarrassing thing is to send a generic thank you note, making the other person feel like just another number. Therefore, it is much better to be specific, thereby proving to the recipient that you know, acknowledge, and feel genuine gratitude for what they did or gave you.