Morning habits that can ruin your day


While it might seem as though you’ve got your morning routine down to a tee, it turns out that some of your morning habits might actually be ruining your day. Now that doesn’t sound like a good way to start things off.

Reaching for snooze

Ah, the alarm. The dreaded noise that reminds us we need to be a responsible adult and get out of bed. But what if we don’t want to? What if we want to hit the snooze? Well, you could be setting your day up for failure. Those extra minutes in bed won’t help you to feel rested, but will just make you late instead. In fact, the disturbed sleep could lead to feeling groggy further into the day.

Forgetting to hydrate

Did you know that thirst is often confused with hunger? Our bodies still need water while we sleep, yet we’ve gone eight hours without any of the good stuff. While it’s still essential to keep hydrated throughout the day, it looks as though the morning could be the perfect place to start. Many of us need something while our coffee cools, and a glass of water could be the perfect stand-in.

Checking your emails

Sure, we might be about to head to work, but we’re not there yet – we don’t need to check into the office just yet. Our time at home in the mornings is just for us, and we shouldn’t let anyone else interrupt our time. Instead, it’s best to keep our minds focused on the task at hand to make sure we’re fully set for the day ahead of us where we can concentrate on work entirely once we’re there.

Putting sugar in coffee

The coffee gods are on our side as it turns out a boost to the system could be the health kick we need. All those sugars and sweeteners? Not so much. It’s thought that reaching for sweet stuff so early in the morning could actually upset our body’s natural cycles and see us craving more sweet treats later through the day. Instead, we should opt for milk that’s not only naturally sweet but also helps give us some calcium for the day.

Eating breakfast late

Not all of us want to eat breakfast as soon as we wake up, and some even skip it altogether, but now it seems as though eating late could be just as bad for our days. Our bodies have just spent the last few hours unconscious with no food going in; they need the fuel to get our metabolisms going as well as get everything up and running. Eating within two hours of waking up is sure to see you stick to the window of success.

It seems as though it might be time to shake up our morning routines. After all, what will happen throughout the rest of the day if we set ourselves up on a bad note? We don’t have to become superhuman; just a few small changes could see us on the path to success.