The top Ben & Jerry flavors according to them


Ben & Jerry have been making friends across the world for years with their delicious and flavorsome ice cream. In fact, we’re willing to bet that if you have had ice cream in the past, you’ve definitely had Ben and Jerry’s at some point. There are so many awesome and epic flavors to choose from, and they seem to add more with every passing year.

When you’re trying to choose your favorite flavor of ice cream, it will often depend upon what is available. The great thing about the choices Ben and Jerry’s offer is that they are always completely different compared to what you are used to. So, what is the best flavor of Ben and Jerry’s? Well, that’s a totally subjective answer, but, why don’t we take a look at what the company themselves has to say?!

Phish Food

Ben and Jerry’s ranked this a criminally low 7th on their list, but we’re overruling it because Phish Food is one of the most delicious and important flavors the company has ever made. This flavor will always be a staple of the Ben and Jerry’s menu, and for the iconic nature of it. We have to award it a place on the list. Ben and Jerry’s seems to think there are 6 superior flavors to this one, but we have to disagree; we can only think of three, and even those are only slightly superior to this classic offering.

Cookie Dough

Another absolute classic from the company here, Cookie Dough has been a staple of lonely Friday nights in front of the TV for years now. You’re welcome, America! This tasty and morish offering has got to be one of the best flavors of ice cream ever! Anonymously suggested by a fan in 1984, this flavor is still as popular today as it was back then. Whomever that fan was, we hope Ben and Jerry’s tracked them down and gave them a lifetime supply of the stuff!

Chocolate Fudge Brownie

Now, some people might claim this flavor is too sweet and sickly, but they are the sort of people who just shouldn’t be allowed to have it! Chocolate Fudge Brownie is not only one of the best flavors Ben and Jerry’s ever did, but one of the best ice cream flavors of all time, period! This rich, delectable ice cream is one we just can’t get enough of, and we know we aren’t alone with that either. There are so many people within the Ben and Jerry’s community who rate this one very highly, so we have no problem placing it here on our list.

Cherry Garcia

Love it or hate it, there’s no denying the allure and popularity of this one. Cherry Garcia is still a perfectly decent flavor even if you aren’t too keen on cherry. But, if you love cherries there is simply nothing like it. This is one of the most unusual flavors around but is also one of the best-loved, and it’s hard to find a Cherry Garcia flavor that gets it right in the way Ben and Jerry’s manages to. Whether you’re having a tub solo or sharing with friends, this is certainly the perfect flavor for you.

Ben and Jerry’s has been wowing us for years with their truly sensational flavors. There are so many wicked combinations or types that we simply would not have thought of before. This is one of the reasons why Ben and Jerry’s is such an important and popular company, and we can’t wait for the new flavors they choose to bring out.