Try these tricks if you want to cut down on sugar


Do you have a sweet tooth and find it impossible to stop yourself from eating sugar all the time? You are most certainly not alone. And even for those of you who are not very tempted by sugar, you might be surprised to hear that sugar exists in many foods that you would never have even thought of.

Sugar is found in dairy products, bread, salad dressings and many surprising other foods beyond candy or chocolate. This is problematic since excess sugar consumption can lead to diseases and illness, as well as depletes our bodies of energy.  Therefore, reducing our sugar intake also means improving our health.  It is nearly impossible to cut down on sugar completely, but here are 5 simple ways to cut down on sugar.

Put half the sugar in your homemade baked goods

It’s always better to make food at home than to eat store-bought products. This is especially true when it comes to baked goods such as cookies, muffins, and breads.  By baking them yourself it means you can control the amount of sugar that goes in.  It is very simple to use half of the amount of sugar that the recipe calls for, and usually does not make a very noticeable change in the taste.  So the next time a recipe calls for one cup of sugar, try putting half and you’ll see that it’s still sweet enough.


Ditch the packaged juice for freshly squeezed

Packaged juices are very high in added sugar and usually do not actually contain real fruit.  They are mostly loaded with chemicals and colors. Therefore, your best bet if to make your own freshly squeezed juice, which is free of white sugar and also contains all the natural vitamins and minerals from the fruits and vegetables in it.

Lettuce wraps

Since commercial breads and wraps have high amounts of sugar and are made from white wheat flour which is low in fiber, it metabolizes quickly and causes blood sugar levels to rise.  This does not mean that you should never have another sandwich, but if you want to cut down on your sugar intake, then try making your sandwich in a lettuce leaf wrap instead.  They make for a delicious and crunchy alternative to a wrap.


Try different yogurts

Most yogurts, as well as other dairy products, contain a lot of sugar, especially flavored ones.  Lower fat yogurts contain the most sugar since the fat is replaced with sugar.  If you want to cut down on sugar, try higher fat yogurts, non-dairy soy yogurts, plain Greek yogurt or kefir. Compare the labels to see how much sugar each yogurt actually contains. You can always add sliced fresh fruit or berries to your yogurt if you want the added sweetness.

Eat more raw foods

Raw foods are the most natural option.  They have no labels and no extra ingredients.  Raw vegetables are filled with crunch, texture, and nutrients. They also have their own natural sweetness. Some fruits are high sugar, but they contain protein and fiber which slows its digestion and insulin spikes are avoided.  Adding more raw foods into your diet will help reduce your white sugar intake and make your meals more colorful and flavorful.