Vegetables that you can eat root to stem


Living in a world of healthy eating, it can sometimes seem expensive buying fresh food. Plus, you want to make sure you’re getting full benefits out of them, right? Well, you may well be missing out on some essential goodness when meal prepping! A lot of our veggies we can eat all of, but may not know it. So what should we be saving from the trash can and adding to our plates instead?


This may be an odd one to have on the list, and yes we know there’s the whole ‘is it really a vegetable’ debate, but in fact, when you’re de-jacketing your potatoes, you’re throwing out some of the best bits! If you’re feeling a little risqué and opt to have a bit of skin on show, you’ll be keeping the most fibrous part! Fibre is what helps with our digestion and we’re all about that! Don’t trust those wimps that want you to bin the skin, be rebellious and hang on!



Most of us enjoy the crunchy top of the turnip, especially in an excellent mixed salad at lunchtime. But did you know that you may have just binned the best part of the whole veggie? Essential minerals and vitamins aren’t found solely in the purple part; they are in fact more plentiful in their leaves! Giving you an extra ingredient to bulk up your salad, these leaves will also do you a world of good too. Saves on the trash levels!


We admit we are entirely guilt of chopping down the tree and throwing out the trunk in the past, but oh how wrong we have been. While it may not look like it, the stalk is in fact also edible! There are plenty of ways you could include the stem in your diet, from throwing it into the boiling pot with the florets, to peeling it into strips and mixing it in with your slaw. The stem of the broccoli has many uses, and being delicious is just one of them. The best part is, you don’t have to have any lumberjack qualifications to make the most of these tiny trees.



Even though most carrots nowadays come just as the orange rod-shaped vegetable we know, they do have green leaves in real life – it’s not just in cartoons! Checking out a local market may be the best way to find these bad boys all intact, or you might be lucky to have a farmer style supermarket near you. The tops of these veggies can help bulk up any dish, but please be warned that certain individuals can have a sensitivity to them so only try a small amount to start with if you haven’t eaten them before.


Ahh, chard. The versatile leaf has so much to offer. While we know the leaves can be torn into a salad, or sautéed for a more bitter taste, the stems often get left out of the party. But fear no more! They too can be chopped up into tiny chunks and tossed into the sautéeing dish to add some satisfying crunch to accompany your meal! They can accompany the leaves well, adding contrast to the texture the leaves give.


While it may seem backward at first to be adding these parts of the vegetables to our food, in the long run, it will only help! Getting all the goodness and nutrients from our food, and doing our bit to help stop food wastage are two things we can definitely get on board with! So good luck and happy prepping!

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