The most hilarious t-shirt jokes on the Internet


A t-shirt can describe a feeling or a mood. Sometimes when our mouths are too tired of talking a t-shirt can do all the heavy lifting. They tell people whether to approach us or leave us alone. They have tell the world just what kind of day we’re having. These are some of the best t-shirts we have seen.

Loud and proud

Now we’re not so sure if this blonde is fooling herself or us. Perhaps she’s a lover of the art form of combining photographs for a final presentation and wants the world to know. Or she did, in fact, not receive such a top notch higher education. Maybe she should have spent more time in class rather than with arts and crafts. Either way we admire her confidence. Wear your I Love Collage shirt proudly, girl.

A dose of reality

Who can’t appreciate a woman who tells it like it is. While most of the country suffers from body dysmorphia caused by unrealistic beauty standards, this sea breeze brunette doesn’t struggle with the same expectations. Instead she perpetuates them. We can bet that most people do in fact look fat next to this beauty. She loves her beach bod and sun kissed skin and isn’t afraid who knows it. Where do we get one of these shirts?

Off limits

Sometimes a shirt can say what the mouth struggles to articulate. It’s a message broadcasted to the world about who we are and what we want. Rather than telling a million guys at the bar to leave her alone, this woman’s shirt says it for her. We wouldn’t want to be the dumb guy that crosses her path. She looks like someone who doesn’t need any help watching her own back and telling the world how to treat her.

Blonde ambitions

In the age of social media anybody with a camera phone and a dream can become a celebrity. Just look at the Kim Kardashians and the Paris Hiltons of the world who created empires off of a goal to become famous. We can appreciate this blonde’s honesty. Who says it’s not good enough to be famous for a skill or a talent. Sometimes you just want to skip the middleman and just watch those social media numbers rise up.

Modern technology

We can’t imagine this suggestive t-shirt was sponsored by Apple itself. Perhaps it’s a good thing as well that this woman cropped her face out of the picture so her parents wouldn’t discover it. We wonder what they would say. If a t-shirt is anything to go by we would assume that this woman is technologically advanced, confident, and self-assured. Sometimes it is best to just leave it up to the t-shirt to do all the talking.

Quick before he comes back

Who says that chivalry is dead? This woman clearly has a biting sense of humor and doesn’t care who knows it. We all want what we can’t have. It’s the forbidden fruit syndrome. We see it in the distance and would do anything to taste it, even if it means giving up the fruit we already have. Regardless, this woman is willing to take the risk. We wonder if she changes into a “leave me alone” t-shirt when her boyfriend does come back.

It sure does buddy

How many of us have had a really bad day? We get pulled over when we’re already late to work. We write down the wrong time for an important meeting and miss it altogether. Sometimes you just need a t-shirt that sums up your experience as simply as possible. This t-shirt says it all. It says what we’re all thinking and what this poor man is feeling. We wonder if he chose this shirt knowing in advance the kind of day he was about to have.

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