News reporters who did the unthinkable live on air


There’s something so thrilling about live TV. Its unpredictable nature can lead to some gripping off-the-cuff moments that delight and excite viewers. These news anchors and reporters have to face the public everyday and sometimes the results can be hilarious and fickle. Either way they make us laugh and keep us tuning in for more.

Laughter isn’t always the best medicine

Nothing is more frustrating than giving a presentation or – in this case – delivering the news and suffering from a case of the giggles. You try and try to get the words out but your laughter gets the best of you. Now imagine it happening while delivering some terrible news on live television. This reporter had to do just that while dealing with some seriously uncontrollable laughter. We can feel her pain. Hopefully her boss gave her a break.

Slip ‘n slide

We’ve all had that recurring nightmare: all eyes are on us as we accept an award or perform on stage, and then suddenly we wipe out in front of everyone. It’s high school all over again. This poor reporter had the nightmare come to life live on national television. While delivering the news at a local Russian TV news channel, she slipped and fell. She didn’t let it ruin her report, thankfully, and she continued on while soaking wet and covered in mud.

An unsolved mystery

In 1987 a mystery man wearing a Max Headroom would hijack TV news broadcasts and air himself screaming profanities into the camera. Authorities never figured out who the perpetrator was but he certainly left a lasting impression on the general public. To date it is one of primetime news’s longest lasting mysteries. The stunt has been satirized in a number of films and TV series with conspiracy blogs dedicated to finding the man in the mask.

Sick of it

While Good Day Orlando host John Brown wasn’t the first to tell the world how sick he is of the Kardashian family and all of the coverage they receive, he was just one that went incredibly viral. His hilarious reaction to a report about what one of the Kardashians named their bunny is one for the textbooks. In dramatic fashion, Brown stormed off the set and ranted about his frustration with covering the Kardashian clan. We doubt he’s alone.

A major mistake

The race to be first can be a dangerous one, especially when competing for ratings in a 24-hour news cycle. During the contentious 2000 election, CNN mistakenly declared Al Gore as the victor against George W. Bush. The public reacted quickly to the news and when Bush was officially declared president, the news network faced a lot of blowback. Viewers issued a boycott and their trust from the public was seriously hurt. The blunder totally damaged their reputation and it took them years to recover from the incident.

Hard news to personal news

Former Fox News reporter, and current NBC talk show host, Megyn Kelly stuck mostly to reporting hard news during her tenure at Fox. That was until one day, however, that while covering a story about adultery she admitted on live TV that her first husband, Dr. Dan Kendall, cheated on her. It was an unusual revelation of personal details that stunned audiences loyal to Kelly’s program and made her the news subject, not the reporter. Regardless, her supporters rallied around her with support.

Wine and dine

Sometimes to be a skilled reporter you need to get your hands a little dirty. While covering a story about a local winery, this news reporter decided to try her hand at making the wine herself. She took it upon herself to stand barefoot in the tub of grapes and proceeded to stomp on them to make some wine. Instead she slipped on the wet grapes and toppled over while covering the story live. Guess she can just blame it on the alcohol.

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