Steven Hawking: Pollution Still Remains Human’s Greatest Threat


Professor Stephen Hawking, one of the great physicists expressed his worries and grave concerns on how humankind have continuously bestowed their faith on Artificial Intelligence during warfare as he  points out the differences in goals between human and machines. “The world must be very wary of the dangers of Artificial Intelligence,” he expresses his belief on this technology.


The well-known physics professor highlighted pollution and human recklessness; what he termed as ‘human stupidity’ as the greatest threat to our existence. However, human’s over reliance on Artificial Intelligence on warfare has now joined his list of the worrying mistakes in human existence.

During a TV interview on Ora Television-‘Larry King Now’ TV interview, Professor Steven Hawking reiterated how humankind have grown so greedy and with less wits as far as environmental treatment is concerned over the past decade.

World’s most recognized theoretical physicist had sounded a warning six years ago on the worrying environmental pollution and human’s rising population. But sadly, the population has recorded a half a billion increment since his last interview with the Ora TV and there are no promising signs of heeding to his warning.

The high rate of human population growth and the increase in air pollution signals a red-flag as it’s projected that by 2100 the population shall have risen to eleven billion. Over the past half a decade, there has been an 8 percent air pollution rise. This implies that 80 percent or more of the urban population will be exposed to risky air pollution status.

“Global warming will definitely be inevitable with this rate of air pollution increment and carbon dioxide production,” Professor Hawking counseled.

When delivering his speech at Starmus Science Congress held in Tenerife, cosmologist Stephen Hawking honored this year’s conversion to his life’s work.

He further recorded his concerns over the continued primary usage of Artificial Intelligence in weaponry and the future of this risky technology.

Professor Steven Hawking expressed his disappointment with the government’s lack of priority on what is more beneficial to the common citizen. He points out how the government has rather fully engaged on Artificial Intelligence arms race, also as well as making of planes and other AI weaponry.

“If we are not cautious, the artificial intelligence technological advancement would not be contained once the machines reach an unpredictable stage of self-evolving,” cautioned Professor Steven Hawking.

However, the existence and nature of these technologies and their real need amounts to an imaginable reality which is a mystery yet to be uncovered even by this great physicist professor Steven Hawking.

The burning ambition of Professor Hawking at the Starmus conference was to show his great plans to map the whole of the universe with radiation patterns.

With his over the years’ recognizable works, everyone is hopeful that Professor Steven Hawking will help uncover the uncertain causes of universal’s worrying wilder expansion; its real nature in bid to control the worrying status that the universe might plunge into if timely corrective measures are not taken.

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