A Surprising List of Celebrities That Are Twins


The gold standard of acting is effectively achieved when an actor or actress delivers an incredible performance. Particularly when you can’t tell the difference between a character they portrayed and who they are in real life. Sometimes, celebrities have a certain essence about them, driven by their status, where it’s hard to imagine what they are really like – beyond their public image of course. For this reason it’s even more difficult to imagine certain stars as the son, daughter, or sibling to another person. So just imagine how shocking it will be to find out that some of your favorite stars have twin siblings – some of which you’re already familiar with! Let’s go over a brief but surprising list of celebrities that you probably didn’t know had a twin brother or sister.

Alanis and Wade Morissette

Wade Morissette has made a living as a therapist, author, and yoga instructor. Like his sister Alanis, he’s also devoted time and effort into the music business, creating a niche of indie-rock music with a humble yoga influence.


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