The most unforgettable red carpet looks we’ve ever seen


There’s no guiltier a pleasure than to see our favorite celebrities strut down the red carpet in a new frock. We love the anticipation of what our favorites will wear, who they will wear, and what styles we wish we could steal. These red carpet looks are gorgeous, edgy, and daring.

Taylor Swift

Pop music star Taylor Swift is a red carpet staple. Fashion magazines are always eager to discover what Swift will wear to the next event and designers are always itching for the chance to dress her up in their gowns. This particular dress with the classic blonde bob drew eyes for its suggestive cut. We love it, however, and think it nods to the high fashion of a Sean Connery James Bond film. Keep doing your thing, Taylor.

Jennifer Lopez

Since her infamous green Versace dress of 2000, Jennifer Lopez has always drawn attention for her fashion and style choices. Here she is again with Donatella Versace in an original floor length gown. She looks absolutely stunning as she marches down the red carpet, cameras flashing, with dozens of reporters shouting her name. There is no doubt Lopez is an expert at red carpet etiquette and she looks just radiant as she struts down it.

Laverne Cox

Orange is the New Black star Laverne Cox looks stunning in this edgy getup. With its pins and leather exterior, she exudes elegance, flash, with just a touch of attitude. The look ties in effortlessly to her tough as nails character on Orange is the New Black. Her portrayal of Sophia Burset earned her international fame and two Emmy Award nominations. The red carpet diva will next star in her own comedy drama series Spirited.

Gwyneth Paltrow

Actress Gwyneth Paltrow is known for her roles in the Iron Man films as well as her incredibly successful lifestyle website Goop. The success of Goop catapulted Paltrow’s status as an ultimate trend setter and fashion guru. This dress is classic with just a touch of rudeness. Its see through material can potentially make for a wardrobe malfunction but Paltrow doesn’t let the thought enter her mind. With her radiant smile she proves once again that she is a total style icon.

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian is known for pushing the envelope. She has worn tons of revealing outfits on the red carpet and to events that guarantee eyes on her. It’s always a given that wherever Kardashian shows up, one thousand blogs will post about it. As one of the world’s biggest celebrities she is always a money maker. This dress is no different. Its fishnet material leaves much up to the imagination and does just enough to toy with your mind. There is no doubt that she knows exactly what she’s doing.


We have nothing but praise for this icon. She is an Oscar, Grammy, Emmy, and Golden Globe Award winner who has earned her right to do, say, and wear whatever she wants. And if her Twitter account is anything to go by, she doesn’t care what you think. When she was criticized for this outfit Cher dismissed her haters. She defended her gem outfit and thigh high boots and declared her unbreakable confidence. You get ‘em, Cher!

Bella Hadid

Sister of fellow models Gigi and Anwar, Bella Hadid is a reliable starlet on the red carpet. She always looks absolutely stunning from head to toe whenever she makes an appearance. This high-cut red gown is no different. Her pose and look is classic Hollywood glamor and she effortlessly captures that era. Hadid was recently announced as the new face and brand ambassador for Bulgari and TAG Heuer. We can’t wait to see the looks she comes out with for those high fashion brands.

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