5 Easy Ways to Become a Lucid Dreamer


Being lucid (aware) in your dreams is not something that comes naturally to everyone. It really depends on several factors, such as your awareness of your dreams, as well as self-awareness while awake, and your desire to have lucid dreams. Not quite there? Don’t stress, experts believe that becoming capable of lucid dreaming is a skill that can be developed by everyone. Try these five ways to enter the world of lucid dreams.

Spontaneous Awareness

Spontaneous Awareness is the most popular type of lucid dream. Research shows that is happens to most people without even trying, at least once in a lifetime.  You’ll be dreaming and then all of a sudden realize that you are in fact dreaming. This happens in the most clear  dreams, when your dream is so terrifying or strange that your conscious awareness comes out to protect you.   If you really want to have a Dream Induced Lucid Dream, then try learning self awareness techniques while you’re awake can increase the likelihood.

Dream Themes

Dream incubation is another effective way to become lucid in dreams. If you think out your dreams ahead by practicing meditation, as well as visualizing dream themes, you might start to dream about the same theme you thought about before bed.  Think about how horror movies cause nightmares, the same works for other less terrifying themes as well. This makes it a lot easier to make dreams occur lucidity.

Reality Checks

Taking a reality check is a great way to approach lucid dreams. It’s also a very simple technique in order to approach your first lucid dream. The reality check process includes having a better awareness of your dream by repetition and making lucidity a habit.  It also includes trying to do something that is not in fact possible in real life, such as pushing your fingers your hand, which you will see that,  during the day, nothing too exciting happens. And with time, this reality check process will become a part of your dream.


Dream Characters

Studies done on lucid dreaming show that dream characters are a part of your unconscious psyche. And therefore, we can program dream character to help us discover that we are in fact dreaming. In this sense, your unconscious mind recognizes that you are dreaming in a more elegant way. Sometimes only after you hear a reminder or trigger about the dream will you become aware that you were in fact dreaming.

Wake Induced Lucid Dreams

If you want to improve your first Wake Induced Lucid Dream, you will have to work on meditating better, and being more self awareness.  In the Wake Induced Lucid Dream, you can actually take your waking conscious mind right into a sleeping lucid dream state. Many adults have created their own version about this technique as children. You might struggle to achieve this at first, but it comes with both practice and patience. You can watch a Wake Induced Lucid Dream tutorial online to help you become lucid in your dream while being awake.