5 Reasons You Need to Watch The Big Bang Theory


Over the last several years there has been a rise in what people call ‘geek culture’. With this rise, more and more mainstream television and films have been leaning towards this audience. There has been a resurgence in Marvel films, growing rate of comic book purchases, larger audiences in comic con’s all over the world, and most notably, a rise in the current generation’s interest in original series’ – an interest in a decade other than their own.


All of these changes lead to one absolutely epic television show to be created – The Big Bang Theory. This sitcom has practically become a cult hit in the 8 years it has been on the air. Despite the fact that it is written very well, with an emphasis on impeccable comedic timing, the show delves into fairly complex scientific jargon that most people otherwise wouldn’t be exposed to. There is something for everyone on this show; here are five reasons to watch the show:

Learn something new every episode

The greatest thing about this show is that it exposes you to a plethora of scientific concepts that you would otherwise not know about, and does so in a way that is interesting and funny. There are five major characters on the show, four of which work in one scientific field or the other, while one, is a struggling actress. Let us introduce you to Dr. Sheldon Cooper, a theoretical physicist, Dr. Leonard Hofstadter, an experimental physicist, Dr. Raj Koothrappali, an astrophysicist, and Howard Wolowitz, and aerospace engineer. The one character that is not related to anything scientific, and we love her for it as she acts as a counter to the nerdy, yet welcome, aspect of the show, is Penny, the very good looking next door neighbor who came to Los Angeles to be an actress.


Throughout the show, Sheldon and Leonard discuss various theories that they deal with in their line of work, as well as implement in their daily lives. Sheldon, specifically, is a neurotic and spoiled character who makes everyone’s life a little bit harder, yet imparts wisdom on his fellow characters, and the audience alike. It gets pretty cool when they all sit down to discuss something totally scientific, with enough simplicity (usually directed towards Penny, who doesn’t understand a thing related to science) for anyone in the audience, say you and me, to understand the concept.

Serious underlying subjects

Apart from the scientific element of the show, there are more serious underlying storylines in the show that use humor in order to deal with a more serious matter. For example, over time, Sheldon begins to come out of his shell and battle his own neuroses, Raj has a problem speaking to women at the beginning of the show, but manages to power through with the help of other characters on the show.  At the end of the day, these characters couldn’t be more different, but stick together to help one another, ending up best friends, or more.

Belly laughs are good for you

A sitcom wouldn’t be a sitcom if it weren’t funny. So along with the serious, and the smart, there are moment on the show were you are just sitting there laughing your face off. Watching a show like The Big Bang Theory gives you a lot of extra information in your life, but it also gives you 20 minutes a day of escapism in the healthiest way possible – laughter and delight.