How To Travel The World On A Budget


By Josh Hoffman

For me, one of my greatest pleasures in life is traveling. I tend to travel a lot during the year, and try very hard to spend at least 3 months a year away from home. Yes, you heard that correctly, I spend a full 3 months away from home every year, just traveling. With that being said, traveling can be really expensive, or if you are like me, it can be really cheap, and in most cases, even cheaper than staying at home. There are a few things you need to know before you leave, and let us start off with your destination.


For many people, the cost of an airline ticket might scare you off from taking that trip to Thailand that you have always wanted to take. I think that is a really bad idea. For starters, if you analyze the Airfare market, the cost a ticket from New York City to Bangkok is going to be pretty close to the cost of a ticket from London to Bangkok. It may be about 100 or so dollars more, but to be honest, that is just pennies for the trip of a lifetime. Now that we have invalidated the traveling is expensive excuse. Let us now look at ways in which you can make your trip easier. Depending on where you would like to go, there is always a way to get there if you think things out properly. For example, if you have never been to Europe, and would desperately like to go there, a good place to start would be Eastern Europe. Countries like Poland, Hungary, Ukraine, and much of the Baltic States are cheap, clean, and really safe. For example, countries like Ukraine, and Hungary, have great histories, don’t require visas for American Travelers, and can easily be traveled in for under $30 a day. Eastern European countries are also reasonably safe, and with the exception of Budapest, mostly devoid of tourists during the high season. If a place like Asia is more of your type, South East Asia has a really well developed tourism infrastructure, and can be a lot of fun to travel in. Things are pretty safe there, and you will find many young people to travel with there. As a cautionary note, do not do drugs in most Asian countries, if you are caught, expect a load of problems at best, and the death penalty at the worst, it simply isn’t worth the risk.  Now let us move on to the nuts and bolts of travel.resort-921940_640

Most young people when they travel stay at youth hostels. A bed at a good youth hostel can be found pretty cheaply, if you book it properly. For example, when I was in Moscow this past week, I stayed at a good youth hostel, and I only paid 5 dollars a night. When I was in Budapest a few months ago, it was about 6 dollars a night and so on. Next up is travel when you are in the country or continent. If you are in Europe, Ryanair cannot be beat. Their fares are the lowest in the industry. If you are in Asia, you can either take Air Asia if you need a flight, or take a bus, if you are really on a tight budget. Last but not least we come to the question of food, if you want to have an interesting time, go to the local restaurants. Most places are pretty safe, and you probably wont get sick, if you take basic precautions such as washing your hands. If you aren’t adventurous, you can easily find western food at most supermarkets.


To conclude, as long as you have the desire to travel, you can easily find a way to do so cheaply. You just need to plan everything out properly, and we wish you a safe and fun trip.