Record Number Of Applications To Become A NASA Astronaut


The NASA space agency revealed on Friday that it has received no less than 18,300 resumes from people who wish to become astronauts.

This number of applicants is for the US Space’s Agency 2017 class, and it is almost triple the amount for the last class of 2012. The previous record was in 1978, when 8,000 people applied to become astronauts.

Former astronaut and NASA Administrator Charlie Bolden mentioned that it came as no surprise for him that so numerous Americans with different backgrounds wanted to contribute personally to the upcoming journey to Mars.

However, only a few of those who applied will see their dream come true.
A selection board will review applications and only the most qualified candidates will be invited for an interview in Houston, Texas. From these only eight to 14 candidates will be selected for NASA training.

NASA used social media accounts to get the word out about applications. The timeframe for submitting the applications started on Dec. 14, and ended on Thursday.

Some of the training for chosen candidates includes a focus on teamwork and spacewalking, and a basic command of Russian language. Successful candidates will perform their technical duties at Johnson’s Astronaut Office before being assigned to the International Space Station.