Are We Asking for Trouble by Exploring Space?


One of the biggest questions in life is “Are we alone? Is there anything – or anyone – out there?” It is something that has plagued us humans for centuries, and the urge to find out just seems to be getting stronger. Over the last few decades space travel has become an almost constant thing. Drones are being fired up into Mars, we landed on the Moon (apparently), and there’s talk of colonising planets left, right and centre. But, are we asking for trouble by poking our noses into something we know so very little about?


Life on Other Planets

Whilst scientists have found small inklings of evidence of “life” on other planets, usually in the form of water or bacteria, there is no hard evidence of people…aliens…or anything like us existing elsewhere. Of course, there have been countless alien stories and sightings from almost the beginning of time. Surely this indicates that there has to be something in whatever form it may be that people keep seeing? Surely that many people wouldn’t claim to see things, experience things, or meet extraterrestrial beings? The fact of the matter is that right now, we haven’t even explored the entirety of our own galaxy, let alone any other galaxies, so it’s highly likely that there are other beings…we will just probably never know about them.

Yet we are continually trying! We are trying to develop technology that can exit our solar system and enter another. We are trying to relocate the human race to Mars. We send space shuttles and the like up into space on such a regular basis it’s almost daily news now. We are just desperate to know more about what is going on around our own planet! It’s all very exciting and interesting that’s for sure, but are we just asking for trouble?

Alien Invasion

Most people have seen alien films, even if it’s the mild alien invasion in the kids film Chicken Little, and we have all been able to see what happens. Everything gets out of control. Aliens scare the hell out of people (that’s right, we’re only interested when they’re not actually right in front of us…) and are also scarily powerful. In movies, they seem to be able to take over the planet just like that. If we keep developing our space exploration skills, an area which would effectively be ‘their’ territory, would they want to do the same? Would they come down to Earth, start experimenting on people like the horror films show, tear our world apart to try and understand it more? It’s an interesting and simultaneously terrifying thought to consider, but it could definitely become a reality.

Whose Planet is it Anyway?

There is no definitive person who owns the planets, owns the solar system. However, if asked, the human race would probably call it ‘ours’, being the only living things around to claim it. Because of this, we feel free to do things such as try to relocate to Mars. Now, what would happen if it turned out there was life out in space, ‘aliens’ so to speak? Would they believe that in actual fact, they owned the planets? Would they fight us for rights to Mars…would they maybe even try to take Earth from us if we tried to take Mars from them? Even if there aren’t other planets fighting, you can bet that there would be some kind of World War over which country gets dibs on Mars… We have a feeling Russia and America will have something to say about it all.

All of these scenarios include a lot of “what if’s”, but sometimes “what if’s” can lead to reality, making these ideas very scary to the human race. If aliens did try to invade Earth, would we even know about it? Would we be able to fight them? Maybe they would just want to live among us peacefully! No one is quite able to predict what could happen – and that is what we must remember. We should be careful when pushing space exploration boundaries because we literally don’t know what could happen and how it could impact on the entire planet we call home. Scientists, astrophysicists, NASA, they all have a duty of care and responsibility to this planet. They need to keep in mind that there could be life similar to our own race out there and that one day they may come to find out more about us in the same way that we try to learn more about them.

About the author

Rebecca Walton

Rebecca has always been fascinated with the business and tech world, having grown up with parents in the industry. She has a real passion for science - particularly space and the unknown realms that surround the planet! Rebecca has been writing for different publications for nearly 6 years and is now an editor at Pangaea Express.