Will SpaceX Really Be Ready to Deliver to the International Space Station


When SpaceX revealed the Falcon Heavy, they promised that it would be the most powerful
operational rocket on this entire world, with the capabilities to lift over 53 metric tons into space,
at just one-third of the cost. The original aim of the rocket was to deliver humans into space, and
bring back the idea of missions with its crew to the Moon, and after recent discoveries, even to
Mars. However, Falcon Heavy has been under heavy news coverage recently, and not for the
right reasons.

Broken Promises

The first thing that has raised eyebrows with this rocket is the launch date. Of course, plans can
be scrapped or changed, however the owners of the rocket SpaceX originally planned to launch in 2015.
Then after pushing the date through for months and months, they have now decided that it will not
launch until November 2016. This leaves us hoping that the space station doesn’t have a strict
time schedule, otherwise they may be without supplies for an extremely long time.

More controversy built over the launch of the Falcon Heavy’s smaller cousin, named the Falcon
9 which pushed back the date further with its failure to land. Of course, SpaceX assured that the
rocket had completed its original mission, which was to lift into orbit a 12,000-pound satellite
called the SES-9. However, the rocket could not land safely after completion, causing this
“reusable” rocket to be rather exposable. SpaceX is confident that this was a necessary task,
and it has helped them to assess the rocket extensively, to make sure that the next rocket will
land safely, and be ready to reuse.

Broken Rockets

Well after predicting that the next rocket would land safely, SpaceX had to once again eat their
words, as they watched the next landing go just as spectacularly wrong. One of the rocket’s legs
broke causing it to land right next to the boat that it was supposed to port into, and then
proceeded to explode. Although the landing yet again crushed the hopes of this being a
reusable rocket, SpaceX revealed that the Falcon did its job, by setting the satellite that
monitors ocean levels named Jason 3 into the Earth’s orbit.

SpaceX have no worries concerning their vision, letting everyone know that it was just another
trial to finding the perfect balance. The whole idea concerning the rocket was to save money,
allowing the rocket to land safely, and to then be topped up with fuel and supplies and be able to
set off again. It would seem the rocket hasn’t found it’s sea legs yet, without a single safe
landing onto the ship that has been designed purely for catching the rocket. Although the rocket
has been able to locate the ship and find it’s way towards its destination, it hasn’t yet found a
way to actually land, leaving SpaceX biting their tongues, and holding their breath hoping for a
safe landing.

Although SpaceX has created a wonderful plan, with a promise of something that could save
space travel millions of pounds every year, it has left everyone wondering if they will truly ever
make it to the International Space Station, or will they continue to destroy rockets until someone
tells them to give up?

About the author

Rebecca Walton

Rebecca has always been fascinated with the business and tech world, having grown up with parents in the industry. She has a real passion for science - particularly space and the unknown realms that surround the planet! Rebecca has been writing for different publications for nearly 6 years and is now an editor at Pangaea Express.