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4 Apps Every Entrepreneur Should Have In Their Smartphone


As a modern day entrepreneur, your phone is your greatest weapon. It is a fully functional computational device that can be used almost anywhere and fits in the palm of your hand. That said, most so-called entrepreneurs aren’t making the most out of their phone and certainly aren’t looking at the range of productivity apps that can make their work and personal lives easier.

Not to worry, though, we’re here to help. Read on for the four productivity apps entrepreneurs absolutely need to succeed.



It wouldn’t be an apps list without good old Dropbox. Cloud storage is one of the greatest features ever to hit computational devices, ever. So long as you have an internet connection you can upload and download files at the drop of a hat. If you don’t have time or bandwidth for the whole downloading lark, you can just view the files in the cloud without having to do much of anything.

Dropbox on your phone is like having a filing cabinet in your pocket, though obviously much smaller and easier to carry. Dropbox is handy for any type of entrepreneur, but if you’re on the go most of the week, this app is particularly useful for effectively digitizing your office. Dropbox’s benefits also apply to your client, meaning they can download and view content and documents without any laborious physical transfer component. It really is a time saver for everyone involved in the process.

The data limits can be a bit of a pain when using the free version, so for business use, I would recommend paying for Dropbox’s premium service just so you’re not running up against these limits when you need them most. It’s a business expense that’s well worth it.

Remember The Milk

This cutely named app is a digital reminder service. As an entrepreneur, you’re going to have a lot of duties and meetings you need to keep on top of. Being unpunctual as an entrepreneur is a death-knell and can spell doom for your business before it even gets off the ground. Contacts and clients certainly don’t appreciate being stood up, or you missing your deadlines.

Of course, Remember the Milk does rely on you inputting the data via browser or the app to give you those much-needed reminders. Once you make plans, be sure to put them into any kind of reminder service like Remember the Milk or else you’re going to be in trouble when you forget. It would be nice if a reminder app could help eliminate the human element, but we’ll take what we can get for now.


An entrepreneur is always handling money in one way or another, whether the finances are personal or business-related. Sometimes they’re one and the same. Either way, money management skills are highly valued as an entrepreneur, but keeping on top of a budget can be difficult, especially if it’s all on paper or in your head.

That’s where Mint comes in. Not only can it track your outgoings and incomings through your online bank account, but it doubles up as budgeting software so you can figure out the numbers on the go. If you’re trying to find out what you can afford to spent this quarter, but also want to keep on top of your household finances, you can easily use Mint to organize your costs against your affordability.

Need to trim the fat on some supplies? You’ll know what needs to go when you figure out your budget. Likewise with finding out you need to stop buying takeout to keep your household budget balanced for the month. Mint is a pretty great tool for both your professional and personal life, trust me.


Being an entrepreneur is more than being an “ideas person,” but they sure help. What helps more than ideas themselves are organized thought processes. Just because you have an idea doesn’t mean it’s good immediately, and sometimes many avenues of thought need to be explored. Most businesspeople know that mind maps are a great way to spitball ideas and explore the variations in a straightforward and organized fashion.

The downside to mind maps are the endless pieces of paper generated by doing them by hand. Sure you can use a word processor too, but most of them don’t offer an easy way to replicate the mind map process. That’s where Mindnode comes in. It digitizes the mind map process in an efficient and straightforward way.

Whether you’re creating mind maps for yourself, or are looking to illustrate a concept or idea for a client, Mindnode can make it easy to tweak and create them wherever you are. If inspiration strikes, then you can just whip out a phone and work on an idea all you like provided you’ve got the free time (and phone battery power, I guess).

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