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All The Ways Facial Recognition Software Could Change the World Very Soon


Facial recognition has become a large part of our day to day lives, with companies adopting the software to sell items, and even using it to let their customers log in to certain things. Although this may seem like a large step in the technological front, it has opened a large door into the world of hackers, and has sparked controversy concerning the customer’s privacy.

Amazon Pay by Selfie

One example of facial technological advancement is Amazon’s new pay by selfie method, that has recently received its patent. The company are now taking their first steps forward, in their new payment method. The worldwide online shopping company has released their new plans to allow customers to wink at their screen to confirm payments. Each purchase will need you to bring up their in-store camera, and to wink at the camera. Yes, you read that right. Every future purchase will need you to throw your camera a cheeky wink, to confirm that you are who you say you are. The camera will pick up your facial expressions, and compare it to previous scans that it will take from you as you setup your account. Although this may seem silly, Amazon believes that it is another step in the direction of security.

Security Issues

This has, of course, caused controversy, and uproar from its everyday users who are already worrying about ways that people could hack this new idea, to purchase items from someone else’s account. It will only be a matter of time until you will receive a spam email that will require you to wink at the screen to confirm that you are who you say, allowing a hacker straight onto your account, with no need for security questions, or your card details. Although Amazon promises that it will be impossible for this to happen, there are thousands of loyal customers who are tempted to switch with the possibility of their accounts being hacked.

Mastercard Selfies

Last year, Mastercard started their own version, by letting customers take selfies with their phone to pay for items; instead of using their card. They can opt for taking a selfie in front of the shop assistant, or using the fingerprint technology that modern day phones have integrated into their devices. Although this will of course cause shock and embarrassment for the user and the shop assistant as you take out your phone for your selfie magic instead of paying for your item, it has been widely accepted as a new security level, despite concerns from hundreds of users who have decided to opt out of this new venture.

With new ways to get scammed in this modern day world, it is no surprise that everyone is a little sceptical of this new “Security” step, with some users believing that it is just another way to get to your security details. It would take lazy hackers to just snap a photo of you, or use your fingerprint marks on items such as glasses and tables, to give them access.

Whether you like the idea or not, it would seem that facial recognition is here to stay. With huge companies taking it upon themselves to incorporate this technology into their customers’ day to day lives. With simple acts such as entering your hotel room being changed to use facial recognition, it would not surprise us if in a few years, we are using it to enter our own houses and cars. So don’t plan on getting any plastic surgery anytime soon, it might just turn out that you can’t use anything you have grown to love.

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