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Amazon to Open its Second Real Life Book Store


Amazon is a handy website that we have all probably purchased something from at one point or another. They have wowed us all with their bargain prices and quick delivery. They continued to wow us when they introduced us to their latest venture, Amazon prime, and then brought to us the Amazon tablets and the Amazon TV channel and Amazon movies and… Amazon everything! They have undercut the sales of most electronic stores and gadget stores…and they have definitely undercut the sales of books too. After all, where else can you get a book for a penny plus postage?!

San Diego Book Store

So it might not be all good news to hear that Amazon are opening their second real life book store. That’s right, settling down in San Diego, Amazon is quickly moving forward with plans to build and open it’s second book store, with bigger plans to open hundreds of physical retail stores. Scary. Well, scary for the retailers that it goes up against anyway.

The second Amazon Book store will be in San Diego, based at the University Town Centre Mall, located rather conveniently right next to other futuristic and trouble making businesses, such as the Tesla motors and the Apple store – two more businesses who have undercut their respective industries massively too. Local businesses are really feeling the pressure when it comes to pushing their own wares, as superior and/or cheaper stores take up the high street.

What to Expect

If the first Amazon bookstore, based in Seattle’s University Village, is anything to go by, the experience of shopping in this second Amazon Book Store will be equally as strange. In Amazon book stores, there are several uncommon sights that you would definitely not find in a traditional book store. For a start, there is no set price list for the books. The prices change daily in keeping with the fluctuating prices on the Amazon website. Don’t expect to pick up a book and check the back for its price. You’ll have to find out from the cashier (or check the Amazon app instead). In addition to this, the books in the shop are rated with stars, similar to products on the website. If you’re looking for a book that’s a little different from your mainstream Harry Potter and Jacqueline Wilson novels then look elsewhere, as the store only carries the most popular of titles. No more rooting through dozens of bookshelves to find a hidden classic, which is a real shame for book lovers everywhere. You’ll be lucky to find the book you’re looking for as well, as the books are stocked facing outwards. This means that you can see the cover as opposed to seeing their spine. They say don’t judge a book by its cover, but Amazon seems to think otherwise.It’s a bizarre experience but it seems to have been successful so far if Amazon are pushing forward to replicate this experience all over again.

While it does sound like a fun idea to visit an Amazon bookstore, it can be seriously damaging for other local and smaller businesses. If Amazon are left to take over our high street, like they have the internet, then they could quickly build their own monopoly on retail. This could then drive prices up and put a lot of smaller companies out of business. Not something anyone wants. So while it may be fun to visit, make sure you’re still supporting the little guys too.

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