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Augmented Reality: From Military Research to Make Up


Have you ever seen make-up on someone? Had them tell you how amazing their new mascara is, and how it is totally worth the price? Have you then ventured into the store and then winced at the site of so many zeros on the price tag? Well, you no longer have to wince at the price, and wonder if it is worth it with thanks to the ModiFace app.

ModiFace App

Simply download the app on your phone, and scroll through fifty-five of the top makeup brands, such as Sephora, P&G and Unilever. The app comes on IOS, Android and web and it’s super simple and fun to do. All you have to do is start up the camera option and then you can change your makeup to your heart’s delight, without ever having to spend an hour wiping it off your face and peeling off a layer of skin in the process.

You can change your foundation, lipstick, eye shadow and anything else you fancy by simply clicking through the options. The app will then apply them to your face in real time, so you can admire your new look from every angle you wish. You can even blow kisses at yourself, should that tickle your fancy, and most of all, you can decide whether that look is for you.

Have you ever fancied cutting off your long locks and going for a pixie cut? Or seen that anti-aging cream on the television but didn’t know if you could trust it? Well ModiFace can even change that for you with just one click of a button and more.

In stores around the world, the sales are increasing by 31 percent due to customers not having time to stop and try the actual product, but trust the app to show them whether purple really is their colour. So of course brands are paying $200,00 to $500,00 a year to add it to their own applications to keep customers at ease and confidence with what they are buying.


From Military Research and Botox

The research to track someone’s face while it moved was created by an Electrical Engineering PhD, but it wasn’t until he was approached by an Allergen brand that it seemed it would go further than he ever anticipated.

“Allergen makes Botulinum toxin, or Botox, a neurotic protein that can be injected into the face to smooth and prevent wrinkles”. They asked the creator to change his research into something that their customers could use to show the difference Botox would make to their face and of course it worked tremendously. The sales went up and the application was born. With a $500,00 investment into his application and the money he was given by Allergen for working with them, ModiFace was launched into the world and started incorporating cosmetic brands straight away.

Of course the application itself needed improving to incorporate the different makeup brands so several steps were taken to create the 25 patent protected application it is today. To begin with models were brought in with all different skin tones, and had the makeup applied to them in all different lighting to make sure that all colours were accounted for. Then the ModiFace scanners tell the application how it should look on the user. To make sure that the foundation you’re trying on in the app itself looks as realistic as it possibly could.

The application is used in many brands such as L’Oreal, Yves Rocher, Jane Iredale and many more allowing everyone to get a taste of a brand new face. With that potential it is to no surprise that it has gained over one hundred million downloads to date.

Of course with such popularity, it is expected that competitors will arise, with Apple acquiring a real time facial tracking system named FaceShift. The company of course is pushing forward, and instead of focusing on competition, they are working hard on improving their application to perfection, allowing you to jump up and down and have your makeup stay in place. Not only within stores but on mobile as well.

With cosmetic sales being one of the highest grossing areas, ModiFace is in the right area, and with brands doing anything to sell more makeup, ModiFace brings the power back into the customer’s hands.

“Augmented reality technology like ModiFace unlocks the true purpose of cosmetics: expressing one’s ideal self”.

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