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Check Out 360 Degree Views of Mars on Your Phone


NASA has released a new 360 degree look around the most recently speculated about planet. Mars. Although this is isn’t as flawless of a view as you would get from an actual spaceship sat on the planet itself, it truly is a sight to behold.

360 Apps

The application itself allows you to hold up your phone in your normal surroundings, and slowly turn yourself around to immerse yourself into the fascinating world of space. Although there aren’t any aliens (As of yet) patrolling the grounds, the view itself is breathtaking and shows the true progression that technology has shown in the past few years.
Of course, I remember how fascinated I was, the first time that a 360 degrees video revealed itself on my timeline, and allowed me to sit in a cockpit of a jet and look around at something I never thought I would see. (Unless I finally plucked up the courage to step on a plane), but this new version truly does allow you to visit a place, or in fact, a planet that you would never see in real life in your lifetime.
Of course, whilst you are looking around Mars, you are still in fact stood in one place, and god forbid, should you be in public, you of course look very silly. You can look above, below and even now and again get a quick look at the person filming, but all breaths are held for the chance to be able to walk with your phone. A true exploration.

A Reality

NASA have revealed that they are in fact in the process of making that dream a reality. Creating a way to truly explore every inch of the planet, with no stone unturned. The pure idea of this has got everyone talking. Of course views do differ through the range, with some viewers terrified of what this technology could cause, and those, like us, who are purely excited for the revelation.
After all of the recent discoveries surrounding the mystery of Mars, this truly is a side we haven’t seen. No longer a small red planet that we used to draw to represent it, but in fact an extraordinary planet, with so much to offer and with plenty of tall tales to follow it. In fact, within 30 minutes of the footage being released, a rumour of a woman standing on the planet being noticed by viewers ripped through the internet. Footsteps are also rumoured to be seen on the floor, which are rumoured to be the mystery woman’s own.
A way to look into space that doesn’t involve standing in your garden with binoculars and questioning what could be up there, is something NASA has been trying to do since July 29, 1958, it’s founding day. After successfully sending animals and astronauts into space for years, it would seem that the everyday person could be next.
A complete virtual reality Mars Simulator will be allegedly released to the public this summer, and I for one. Cannot wait.

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