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China Has Over 40 Drone Pilot Schools – Are They Ahead of the Game?


With so many drone releases being used around the world (everyone from your neighbours children to the police are using them) it is no surprise that there has been a significant demand for those who can skillfully fly the contraptions. With China already being the world’s biggest drone manufacturer, it certainly seems to make sense that they have begun releasing their own drone pilot schools.

Learning to Fly

Of course, it is no ordinary house of education, with young men and women flocking to the doors to study in TT Aviation, Technology, piloting simulator drones and then eventually the final test. Learning to fly the lucrative specialised drones that they will then be qualified to take to the skies. The highly intense course takes around two weeks and costs around $1,200. Each student will learn how to drive the basic model drone, however, due to the rising popularity in the flying marvels, there are now lots of varied new models being used worldwide.

One of the Chinese police officers favourite models is the drone that has the ability to drop tear gas from above onto the offending criminals. Not only are the combat drones growing in popularity, but also the drones built to defend such as the flying machines spotted carrying nets down a highway to catch a rogue drone. With the chance of a drone malfunctioning, proves the defensive drones to be a necessity when using these marvelous machines.

What Next?

After the intense two-week course, the students can then strive to earn the China Civil Aviation Administration approved license, which will allow them to fly drones that have a weight heavier than seven kilograms and can fly at heights over 120 metres. After the license is achieved, and they are a verified as an official drone pilot, thousands of doors to well-paid jobs will open to them, with over sixty percent of their students making around $780 per month, which is higher than the national average. With some experience in the field, most of the drone pilots bring in over double, showing the true benefits of such a crash course.

One of the students told another news outlets that they want to build their own company, specialising in drone services. They went on to say that they would like to work for themselves, and this is a new and popular industry. Seems like there may be plenty of drone businesses popping up over China soon.

With so many students taking up this opportunity, with either a passion for technology or a need for the large wage packet, it truly is sending the rate in which drones are being created and used in various companies skyward, with no sign of stopping. With such a high demand for these highly skilled pilots to match a company’s personalised and high powered drones, it will be no shock if every company is using them by the end of the year.

So if you are looking for a job, and you have a love for everything technological, then China might just be the next place for you to look. With a short course and high prospects in the field, it truly is a worthwhile endeavour to look into.

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