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Dubai to Hold First Ever World Drone Prix


Drones seem to be appearing in the media left right and centre. From China using them to drop tear gas onto criminals right through to drones being used as ambulances in the army, it is no surprise that a new fun variation of drone war has emerged. Dubai is holding the first ever Drone Prix, which is set to take place this weekend.

The World Drone Prix

The World Drone Prix will feature hundreds of pilots from all over the world, competing for one million dollars in cash prizes. Which we’re sure you’ll agree is a hefty amount for any willing pilot to win. It is a vast comparison to the drone racing that has been kept quiet for the last few years. Most drone racing took place underground in abandoned warehouses, car parks and even remote forests, allowing the racing to be kept quiet from both the police and passersby. On top of that, a virtual reality sensation has rocketed through the populations, where the drone racing is connected to a VR headset, allowing people to either ride along with the drones, or even control them. Sounds like a recipe for motion sickness to us…

With such a popular sporting theme ripping through the nation, it is no surprise that Dubai has jumped onto the bandwagon, and created one of the most anticipated technological races that has graced its streets ever. Not only that, but they have now pushed the secretive racing, into a professional career.

The Process

Of course, this isn’t the first drone racing we have seen, as the US released their Drone Racing National Championship last year. However, organisers claim that the Dubai Drone Prix, will be the largest racing event of drones that will ever grace this world. To apply for this prestigious event, pilots will have to submit videos showing their qualifications, and show that they meet every guideline that is in place to make sure that the event is not only fun, but safe as well. Just like American Idol, contestants will have their videos reviewed by a panel of judges, allowing every participant an equal chance, no matter what their location or financial situation.

Next up come a number of different rounds where each team will be forced to oppose each other in various challenges, until the numbers are whittled down to just thirty-two teams. These teams will then battle in a knockout style main event. There will also be a 591m aerial course, with custom built tracks and game like shortcuts; which will leave everyone at the edge of their seats. Participants will be left in the unknown as to what this track truly entails until the date itself. Which will certainly make for an exciting ride!

$1 Million in Cash Prizes

The prize money will be split between best lap, best track, best freestyle and most innovative design of drone. The final prize will be based on the viewers votes, picking which is a crowd favourite, allowing everyone to get involved. This gives lots of the contestants a chance at the wonderful cash prize, and makes sure everyone will work hard on being the best.

The event has attracted viewers and participants from all over the world, turning the Dubai Drone Prix into a worldwide sensation. This hype has also left the organisers wondering if this could take place in a different country next year. We’re all just hoping that it is nearby next time, so that we can all have a piece of the action – and get lost in this drone sensation.

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