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Eagles Trained to Take Down Flying Drone


Due to the large increase in autonomous drones invading our skies, such as the recent Israeli invention of the AirMule, there is a new concern crossing everyone’s mind. How on earth are we going to get them down if something goes wrong above an important building?

Since many of these drones do not have a “take over” drive, where someone on the ground could manually control the drone should something go wrong, researchers have taken it into their own hands to find out a new and inventive way they could help to prevent a disaster.

Drone Fighting Eagles

Guard From Above, a Dutch company, have come up with an innovative, and to be honest, adorable way of fetching down rogue drones. Birds. Yes, you heard right; Guard From Above have been training eagles to collect these floating robotics from above, and help to save us all from a sticky situation.

Guard From Above works mainly for governmental security agencies on an international and national level, but have decided to partner with the Dutch National Police just for now, to figure out whether birds of prey are really the best way to correct this situation. Several videos have been released of the birds of prey flying into the air, and snatching rogue drones with their talons to safely bring them back to earth. However, the company are still figuring out how they can link the small drones to the larger machinery that is soon to take off.

Keeping the Birds Happy

To cover this scenario, the company have plans in place for electronic nets and more to tackle the larger drones, although the new technology will only be in partnership with their falcons and eagles. The birds are treated like royalty, and are kept in the most luxurious of conditions to allow the birds to be happy whilst doing their service. Not only that, but counter-measures are in place to make sure that no bird is harmed by the drones or any technology that they are asked to fetch.

Of course, the Dutch National Police aren’t the only ones concerned about rogue drones, as footage recently released of the Tokyo Police officers chasing after a rogue drone, with their own drones holding large nets, rushed through the internet. Although many viewers laughed at the ridiculous sight, the progression in robotics and research in this field truly is a reason for concern and counter-measures.

With all of this progression, of course, comes those who have opposing opinions. Some researchers believe that the only way to take down a rogue drone is to attack the robot itself, and to shoot it down. However, the pure cost that goes into sending one drone into the sky safely is enough to bankrupt an entire research facility should it be destroyed. It’s a massive gamble, and we all just hope that they find a way to safely take down the drone, without any repercussions!

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