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Facebook Seriously Pushing Live Video – There’s No Escape!


Now we all know and love Facebook very well indeed, and for many of us, our entire lives are broadcasted out through the very application. However, there is one part of Facebook that we refuse to use. Facebook Live Video.

Stream Yourself Live

Although we are more than happy to update our status every two seconds, and upload every selfie that we can take that we no doubt regret later, live streaming seems almost too much. Since Facebook released its Live Video streaming feature worldwide, it has now taken steps to make sure that we all see it, by changing its News Feed to show the live streams first. This is apparently due to the high amount of success and popularity in the feature, although thousands of users still have no idea that it exists.

Due to their recent research, they have noticed a pattern in video watchers and have recorded that viewers stay on live streams three times longer than if they are watching a pre-recorded video. However, this has not taken into account the length and content of the video itself. I am of course guilty of watching one too many cooking videos that are around two minutes long. However, most people cannot imagine watching various people talk live for longer than it takes them to scroll past them.

Why the Change?

A recent post on the social media giant reported that more people than ever are watching live videos, which is what inspired Facebook to consider this as a new type of content. They go on to say that they are still learning where something like this should rank in the News Feeds of its users. Initially, they will be updating the algorithm to ensure that Facebook Live videos will appear higher up in a person’s news feed when they’re broadcasting live; then sinking them down further once the recording is finished.

There are of course many applications such as this that allow viewers to watch various strangers, talk and act live while giving their input. Periscope and Meerkat are prime examples, for instance. And, with live streaming becoming a career for some people such as those live streaming themselves playing games on Twitch, it is no surprise that Facebook has jumped on the bandwagon.

You may not know that Live Video was originally released for a few verified accounts, and hundreds of celebrities, in the hope that they would bring in users due to their popularity. However, in mid-February, Facebook decided that everyone should get their moment in the spotlight and released it to everyone around the world. Will it be a success? Only time will tell.

Most experts are sure that in the next few months, we will have the idea shoved under our noses such as the video chat option, that we all choose to ignore the existence of. However, there is no need to fear! Although the Live videos may appear more often on your news feed, we still have the option to keep scrolling past, and focus on more pressing matters such as what your neighbour had for tea, or the occasional funny cat photo.


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