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How Far Away Are We From Truly Automated Homes?


Did anyone else watch The Jetsons in awe and wonder what the houses of the future would be like? Even ten years ago, we couldn’t have imagined the way that our lives, and homes would change with new technology… It seems as though we’re probably not as far away from a Jetsons-style home as we once thought.

Phone Controls

The biggest development in the technology that we use every day, is the ability to control most things with our phones, something that has transferred easily into our homes.

The range of things we can do at the touch of a button is mind blowing when you think about it. On your way home from work, you can turn the heating on, ready for a toasty return. Lights are not just an on-off affair; even a dimmer switch is dated – now lights can 1000% different hues, set to alert you of email, impending rain showers or even if your team scores a goal!

There’s no need to get out of bed to open your curtains, just press a button and let technology do its thing. Why stand and wait for the kettle to boil when you can set the coffee machine in motion with one finger.

In some cases, buttons aren’t even needed, with voice control allowing you to change music, call friends and unlock devices. The voice recognition still has a way to go (No, I didn’t say “Mum” I said “Tom”!), it’s still pretty amazing that it’s even possible!

So, Where Do We Go From Here?

In a world of pure automation, robots are the future. Like Rosie in The Jetsons, you too could have a robot friend to clean your house, look after the children and fix you a drink. Robots could become your live-in butler, but with all the automation that has, and is likely to be invented, they wouldn’t have a whole lot to do!

Decorating may no longer involve ladders, buckets of paste and hours of choosing between colour swatches – it could simply be a case of pressing a button or two to change the whole theme of a room in a second. Beds could rise out of the floor, walls could slide back to reveal secret rooms and windows could change colour and coverage dependant on the weather (and your mood!).

The internet and 3D printers could become so advanced that you no longer have to wait for postage on your ill advised online purchases – they could be with you instantaneously.

Your fridge could automatically order food that you’re running low on, and the washing machine could wash, dry and iron (and maybe put them away? We can but hope!).

The technology doesn’t have to stop with just the house – your garden could be next! Using weather apps, lawn could be mown and flowers watered at the optimal time, powered by the energy of the sun.

Eventually, technology could replace everything in our lives. Our transport, our entertainment and probably, our friends! If films have taught us anything though, it’s important to stay on their good side – no one wants to be overthrown by a Tumble Dryer!

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Rebecca Walton

Rebecca has always been fascinated with the business and tech world, having grown up with parents in the industry. She has a real passion for science - particularly space and the unknown realms that surround the planet! Rebecca has been writing for different publications for nearly 6 years and is now an editor at Pangaea Express.