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How Transport Technology is Changing Over the Next Few Years


Technology is constantly moving at a rapid pace and changing the world around us. While most of us have been swept away by things such as iPads and high-speed internet, there are some things changing that are far more exciting. Transport technology has come on leaps and bounds, behind the scenes, over the last few years. And, we think that the next few years is going to see some big changes in the way we travel.

Self-Driving Cars

Those of you who saw anything from CES 2016 will know that self-driving cars were big business at the tech show. Every single car manufacturer has been trying to outdo each other in an effort to have the first viable autonomous vehicle. We’ve already seen companies such as Google using this kind of tech, but it won’t be long before it is readily available for all of us. Long gone will be the days of obtaining a driving license to get around; instead, we’ll be moved around by robotic cars.


While they may seem like fun toys at the moment, there’s no denying that drones are going to become a bigger part of the transport world over the next few years. There are already over 90 schools in China giving pupils drone flying pilot lessons, which should give you a good idea of what is coming next. This year also saw the launch of a small helicopter drone that allows people to sit inside it. Imagine getting round on one of those? Amazon have recently said that they’re testing flying drones for some of their deliveries too. Will we all be flying around in drones by 2020?


If you’ve been following the news closely then you’ll know that a handful of students from MIT may have just invented the next high speed transportation method. The Hyperloop competition was set up by SpaceX in an effort to create a transport network for the future. The team from MIT have put together a concept for a levitating capsule which can reach 245 miles per hour through magnetic propulsion. If this ingenious invention does get made then it could be replacing trains all over the world in no time.

Space Travel

Finally, one of the most exciting changes in our transport technology actually relates to how far we’ll travel. Instead of popping to The Bahamas for your holiday, imagine being able to get to space. Commercial space travel has been something that people have been talking about for a long time, but it finally looks like we may get our wish. Virgin and SpaceX are just two of the companies competing to become the first commercial flight into space. While there have been some snags along the way, we don’t think it will be too long before you can actually have a vacation that’s a little bit further than The Bahamas. The issue is, will anyone want to go? Or even be able to afford it?

These are just a handful of technologies that are changing the transport world as we speak. It doesn’t feel like we will have to be waiting long before the driverless cars and high speed transport networks are a thing of sci-fi movies. And as for holidaying in space? Well, it will just be another thing to add to all our bucket lists.

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