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Intelligent Video-Based Doctor Service Raises $8.2 Million in Funding


Imagine if you could see your GP within 3 minutes, without even leaving the house. With this new intelligent video-based doctor service that may not be as unrealistic as it sounds. Push Doctor, an on-demand video doctor service in the UK, has been making all sorts of waves in the technology world. So much so they’ve just managed to land a further $8.2 million in Series A funding.

The Concept

So, is it really possible to see a GP within 3 minutes? According to Push Doctor, that’s the plan! The company has a network of over 7,000 partner doctors who are on-demand night and day, to take part in video appointments with patients. These consultations can last anywhere from 10 minutes right up to 30 minutes, which is already more time than you’ll likely get at your usual GP surgery. The telemedicine industry is moving at a rapid space and Push Doctor aren’t the only people on the market to offer something similar; companies such as Babylon Health and Dr Now also provide on-demand video doctor services. However, what sets these guys apart from the competition is that there is no subscription. Patients can simply pay for the time they have spent with an on-demand GP, as opposed to paying for a service which they might not need or use.

Investor Attention

It’s not just the lack of subscription packages that have caught investors’ eyes. One of the key selling points is that this platform doesn’t take doctors away from much-needed health services in the UK. One of the stipulations of signing up as an on-demand GP with Push Doctor is that you must be currently employed by the NHS. This allows them to continue working for the National Health Service and meeting the needs of their usual patients during their usual working hours. They can then decide when they wish to take on extra patients, out of hours, using Push Doctor. On top of this, the company has kept away from employee benefit or medical insurance schemes, working solely with patients on a direct basis.

Serious Funding

The company first caught the eye of investors before things had even really started. They managed to capture $1.2 million in seed funding at the very beginning, but the interest hasn’t stopped there. Now they’ve been handed $8.2 Series A funding in a round led by Draper Esprit, Oxford Capital Partners, and Partech Ventures. Push Doctor have said that the huge boost in finances will be used to improve data technologies so that it can integrate better with other healthcare providers. It also wants to invest a large chunk of the funding into upping their marketing, so that more people become aware of this clever video-based doctor service.

If you ask us, we can see some serious potential in an app like Push Doctor – and we can imagine that lots of people would want to use it. Parents worried about their children but unable to easily dash over to the doctors, students who live far away from their usual GP surgery, and in particular, those who are housebound. It’s an intelligent on-demand service for a generation that likes its technology to fulfill a need quickly. As long as Push Doctor invest their new Series A funding wisely, we have a feeling that they’re a company we will be seeing a lot more of in the future.


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