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Laser Weapons Could Be Used by the US Army Sooner Than You Think


With developments in weaponry increasing tenfold in the recent years, it is not a huge surprise that laser weapons may be finding their way into the US army according to a recent statement from a military spokesperson. This has been recently revealed by Mary J. Miller, the House of Representatives subcommittee on research and technology for the Army.

From Sci Fi to Real Life

The new age weapons are currently being researched, developed and tested to make sure that they are at the highest of quality and safety, with plans to be deployed as early as 2023. The laser isn’t a new conception and was first created back in 1960. The lasers work by making large amounts of atoms, radiate light particles (Photons) of different and varied wavelengths. These wonderfully different weapons have of course become the weapons of choice by science fiction movies and books, allowing a spectacular show for the viewer, but no one ever imagined them being used by the Army. Not unless that army was in a computer game, anyway.

Lasers are a great part of our day to day lives, although you may have been unaware of that fact. CD and DVD readers, radios and even a cat toy contain lasers that can help you to get by; however, researchers have struggled profusely to create a laser that could be so powerful, it could destroy a target. That was until now.

Moving Forward

Significant progress has been revealed, that by using coiled optical fibres which can amplify the usual weak laser to extortionate amounts, therefore creating high volumes of energy within the tiny unit. This has moved both the U.S. Navy and Air Force to work towards lasers on their guns despite their amazing laser cannon setting sail upon one of its famous warships in the Gulf, which can be used to destroy drones and small boats.

The new compact laser unit has sparked new creations such as powerful laser cannons being mounted on various items such as vehicles that could be used to detonate mines that have yet to explode, amongst installing the units on planes and guns. Although the release date of 2023 seems a long way away, it truly could show the most updated defensive weapons we have ever seen that could give us the advantage in future warfare.

A Military Statement

Mary J. Miller reported that these mysterious weapons that are currently being developed could be released and deployed over the nest seven years although she has insisted that every weapon will be extensively tested to make sure that it is to the highest safety and can operate to the highest ability. Miller said in a statement that this advancement has been promised for a long time. However, they never delivered what was being asked of them or held up in testing. She goes on to say that the army has decided to take the new lasers into “operational environments” in order to test them.

Although this could be a massive breakthrough for our warfare technology, there are rumours of the safety of the weapons being the one thing that is preventing their release. Let’s just hope that these lustrous, highly updated weapons, come with just as updated training, allowing us to handle such a marvel with complete safety.

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