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Samsung Galaxy S7 News and Rumours


While many people may think that the iPhone 7 is the only new phone release to get excited about this year, the buzz around the Samsung Galaxy S7 proves otherwise. It used to be just Apple dominating the headlines as to what their new phones looked like, but since the launch of the Galaxy S6 Samsung have managed to win themselves a slice of the action too. So, what are the news and rumours flying around about this new phone? Let’s take a look.

Due Date

It was first thought that the Samsung Galaxy S7 could be released as early as January this year, but with it all being quite on the horizon so far we don’t think that is the case. Instead, more steadfast rumours say that it’s more likely to be out in late February or early March instead. This seems to be slightly earlier than the usual Samsung releases, which tend to be around the April mark (as we saw with the S6). With the Mobile World Congress taking place in late February this year, we’re hoping to see the official announcement around then.


This is another rumour which seems to have a lot of truth behind it, which has got us pretty excited. According to insider reports, the new Samsung Galaxy S7 is going to be waterproof and dustproof. It’s thought that the phone will be made IP67 Standard, which means that it is completely dustproof and can be submerged in depths of between 15cm and 1m. No more bowls of rice if you drop your phone down the toilet then! This isn’t a new thing for the mobile industry, with many of the Sony Z series already ticking the boxes. However, it could ensure the Galaxy sells more units to those who are worried about damaging their phones.

The Looks

While you may have seen several images floating around of what the Samsung Galaxy S7 could look like, there are reports to say that it won’t actually be very different from the S6. The fact is, a lot of people liked the design of their previous model, so why fix something that isn’t broken? The metal and glass combination of both the S6 and the Edge were so popular that it’s unlikely Samsung will make major changes with the new release. And why should they? There’s no denying it’s an attractive phone.

Added Extras

There has been news flying around that the S7 will have a MicroSD slot, which is seriously good news indeed (if it’s true). With so many phones being limited by storage space, this could be another nail in the coffin for manufacturers like Apple. By adding external memory, it means that users can fill their phones with music and photos, without the worry of running out of space. It’s also rumoured that both S7 models (the Edge included) will also have bigger batteries than their predecessors; up to 3,6000mAh is the word on the street. It seems as though Samsung have really taken into account what people need from their phones.

Many of these rumours have come from tech insiders and so we’re pretty sure that they’re right on the money. However, the truth of the matter is that we won’t actually find out until Samsung decide to release their big news – which we’re pretty sure is going to be at the MWC on the 22nd-25th February. We’re keeping everything crossed until then!

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