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Scientists Have Worked Out How to Upload Knowledge to a Human Brain


At school, and even at work, exams are the bane of our lives. Revising sucks, nothing goes in and stays in, most people struggle to retain all of the relevant knowledge and those who do often draw a blank when it comes to the actual exam. Why is it so hard to remember a simple equation, a phrase in another language? How frustrating!

Well, hold your horses folks. It seems that scientists may just have worked out a way to assist you in all of your exams, careers and even just in your day to day life. How? Well, they think that they’ve worked out a way in which they can upload knowledge directly to the human brain.

Easy As Falling Asleep

Amazing, right? Scientists claim it could be as “easy as falling asleep”, thanks to a simulator that a team of researchers has developed. This simulator has the capability to send any information directly to an individual’s brain and allows them to learn new skills in an incredibly quick amount of time. It seems we can now all be like Neo from popular sci-fi saga ‘The Matrix’- and this is exactly what scientists have compared this simulator to. It is believed this simulator could actually be the first steps in the direction towards developing an even more advanced kind of software that could make ‘Matrix style’ learning an actual possibility – for everyone. Although this may sound extremely farfetched at the moment, researchers from HRL Laboratories in California think it’s easier than you think.

The Study

Whilst initially tested for piloting skills, where the individuals in the group showed themselves to be learning 33% more quickly than those in the placebo group, scientists believe that this kind of learning could be applied to language learning, educations and exams and for driving as well. The entire study was published in the Frontiers in Human Neuroscience Journal, and has already got many of the world’s scientists talking. What if it really was as simple as putting on a cap? What if we could teach people to do incredible things, all while they slept?

The Future

So, what does this mean for the human race? It could mean that education comes to an end, with no more need for exams or even school itself – but this is at one very extreme end of the spectrum. It also means people could be trained up more quickly for jobs, and that everyone would have the same opportunity for certain roles, because everyone could have the same knowledge installed into their minds. We could soon have a world full of coders, pilots and surgeons; all of whom have learnt using this new method. There are so many crazy things that could come out of this artificial intelligence and it might not all be good. For now, researchers are taking the initial baby steps forwards…but who knows what it could lead to in the future?

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