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Super Mario Theme Park to be Built in Japan (Finally!)


Nintendo is easily one of the most popular Japanese gaming companies in the world. Not only that, but they have also created some of the worlds most well-known and well-loved characters, games and games consoles for as long as many people can remember. Games such as Pokemon hold a special place in most people’s hearts, and the likes of Mario and his pals have the same magic about them. Now, Universal will be investing a massive £250 million into a unique and exciting business plan – a Nintendo-themed amusement park, being constructed just in time for the Tokyo Olympics that take place in 2020.

Super Mario World!

Based in Japan’s own Universal Studio’s, the main focus of the theme park will be Super Mario – of course! However, visitors of the park can expect to see other well-known characters from popular games, including Donkey Kong, Luigi, Zelda and a whole variety of Pokemon characters. We have a feeling these characters will be bringing back feelings of nostalgia for the adults – and yet none of these games have died out over time, so children will feel the same sense of excitement as the grown-ups, we’re sure!

The Plan

However, whilst the Olympics are happening in Tokyo, the country’s capital, the Universal Studios in Japan are actually located in Osaka, 300 miles away from Tokyo – that’s quite a trek for anyone visiting the country just for the Olympics! Will it be worth it though?


Nintendo have so many wonderful creations behind them, it’s not impossible to imagine the kind of creative zone that they will come up with for their space at the Universal Theme park. A Nintendog themed petting zoo? Super Mario bumper cars? A Zelda themed roller coaster? The ability to catch real Pokemon? The possibilities really are endless and it’s something that a great number of people are really getting excited about. Including us!

A Big Comeback

The announcement of the theme park tied in with Nintendo’s other big announcement to release a Smartphone and it’s first Smartphone game, Miitomo. Along with the hope of releasing four more games by March 2017. The company hopes to make a huge £17 million from the games in order to up their profits, which fell by a shocking 51% following disappointing sales of the 3DS console last year. Nintendo have been struggling in recent years, as long gone are the days when everyone owned a Gameboy and an N64. However, with tricks like this up their sleeves then it could truly turn things around for the Japanese gaming giant.

While there is still a little while to go before the theme park is complete, many of us will be brushing up on our Mario Kart and Donkey Kong skills in anticipation. And, booking our tickets to Japan too!

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