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The Dream is Real for Coffee Lovers Who Can Now Brew from their Phone


We are all very much aware of the struggle in the mornings, and no we don’t just mean waking up, or giving in to the snooze button. The need for caffeine to make us consider moving about for the day is a true struggle, and the pure effort to leave the bed to turn on the coffee machine is about enough to make anyone mad.

Brew From Your Phone

Well, Nespresso has you covered with their new release, that allows you to turn on your coffee machine with just a tap of your screen. Now when you roll over in the morning, the snooze button won’t be the only thing you are tapping, as the new machine connects directly to your phone by Bluetooth. This will let you take control over your freshly brewed cup of coffee, without having to move an inch. All you have to do to make this magic happen is to make sure that it is filled up with water, and has plenty of coffee capsules inside, and then hey presto! A coffee machine, that you can use whilst being in another room.

A Giant Leap for Coffee Lovers

It might not seem like such a large step for the coffee brand, however, it is changing lives this very second. How? By giving its users the knowledge that if they get out of bed, there is a piping hot coffee waiting for them on the counter, just waiting to be devoured. Which, let us be honest, is the best way to start the day.

Not only can you turn it on from another room, but you can set a timer so you don’t even have to press anything. This is a pretty good incentive not to hit the snooze button too. After all, nobody likes a cold coffee. The coffee maker will also let you know if it needs to be filled up with more water, and will even helpfully suggest that you purchase more capsules when you are running low. Of course, this can be done straight from your phone. Clever Nespresso, upselling their coffee. If the technology confuses you, then there is no need to worry. It also comes with manual buttons that you can press in person to make the needed coffee. There truly is no hassle when it comes to this wonderful machine.

Pick Your Poison

The standard machine comes with three coffee options which are normal espresso, a short shot espresso and even a lungo. That is just the fancy term for an espresso with double the water; for those days where you need the caffeine but not as much strength. Or as normal people call it, an Americano. With the standard machine costing $249 it isn’t an affordable choice but it is definitely worth it for any coffee lover.

If you want more variations, you can purchase a milk frother for another $50 which will allow you to create milky drinks such as lattes and macchiatos, which I know would be my choice of poison for the mornings.

This wonderful machine is named the Prodigio, and is only currently available through Sur La Table or Nespresso, however, this truly is worth the money. No more worries about getting your daily caffeine fix and it’s a brilliant way to get any coffee lover out of bed on time. Well, you wouldn’t want it to go cold, would you?

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