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The World’s First Robot Hotel is Pretty Awesome


Japan is known for two key things – Their focus on tradition, along with their eccentric ways and novelty. So, it probably hasn’t come as a huge surprise that Japan has released the world’s first robot hotel in the remote area of Nagasaki Prefecture. In their enormous theme park, dedicated to the wonders of imperial Holland (something that has already left visitors in awe), the new hotel has been built. Not just any hotel however, this one is completely staffed by robots and has become the new mysterious destination to head to.

Henn-na Hotel

The groundbreaking hotel has received extensive coverage by the press before it’s opening, with Japan promoting its novelty, convenience and uniqueness. However, it would seem that it still remains a mystery among many, due to their disbelief that something this incredible and strange may exist.

The Henn-na Hotel, which translates to the Strange Hotel, is the only place in the world where every staff member is a robot. And, most importantly, where you never have to take part in awkward chit chat. Greeted by a variety of characters (such as a human-sized velociraptor) which vary on which language you speak, everything is done by machines. Your check in, your luggage and even any conversation you do feel like having, will all take place with the odd robots in front of you. Of course, after check-in, you will be led to your room by another robot character, who will hold your luggage and take you to your room. The robot will only move if you are in a safe distance, and will stop should it sense you are not keeping up so that you will never be lost. Not to mention that he will sing and chat to you, to make you feel more and more at home with each second that passes.

Butler Service

Each stay comes with its own personal robot, which will greet you as you enter your room. By simply calling out its name, you can ask for room service.  Once you’ve made a request, a robot character will bring you food or anything else that you may need. You can even ask about the weather, the location and even ask for a wake-up call. It is like your own personal butler service, but without worrying if the underpaid staff member is going to rob your belongings as soon as you leave the room.


The robot mastermind who created the characters is the parent company of Hello Kitty, named Kokoro. Kokoro has filled this hotel with over eighty robots, with only ten humans to help with chores that the robots cannot fulfill, such as changing bed sheets and anything involving water. However, they truly are invisible in comparison to the amazing characters you will come across in your stay.

Of course, if you enjoy the human interaction that comes with an everyday hotel then this place is no for you. However if novel, fast paced environment works for you, then you have to visit the Henn-na Hotel. With pretty much all of your staff interactions taking place with the robots, you truly do not have to lift a finger. Even room keys become insignificant, with facial recognition software letting you into your rooms. From something as simple as closing the curtains, or turning on the lights, your robot companions have you covered, with this unique and exciting place to stay. We can’t wait to book our night in Henn-na!

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