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These Airplane Toilets Clean Themselves!


Flying on airplanes can be troublesome to say the least. With late check-ins, luggage and even the lack of seat space. Over the last few years, airlines have try to evolve the flying experience from the almost impossible, and most things are constantly being improved. However. one thing has still remained the same. The toilet facilities. Spending twenty-four hours on a plane, isn’t as daunting as the thought of sharing the same toilet has hundreds of others. Questionable cleaning, if any, takes place, and the fact that the seat is always warm makes you wonder if there isn’t a single backside in a twenty-mile radius, that hasn’t graced the toilet with a visit.

The Future of Toilets

That is until today. Boeing have invented a new brand of airplane toilet, that claims to be a life changer. The bathroom necessity claims to be completely self-cleaning, armed with non-touch technology, and ultraviolet light that claims to kill 99.99 % of germs in around three seconds. By the time that you have stood up from doing your business, the toilet will be squeaky clean, and ready for the next user. It sounds too good to be true, but Boeing want to turn it into a reality.

At the moment, the design is still in its prototype, however, it doesn’t just include the toilet. The entire bathroom cubicle will be completely hands-free; meaning the door, rubbish flap, soap dispenser and the usual hand dryer will be germ-free. Which means hopefully no chance of spreading anything to the other passengers. Not only that, but the floor comes inbuilt with a vacuum cleaner that promises to suck away any dirt that is made from questionable holiday shoes.

How Does it Work?

The room will be filled with extremely bright lights, that prove deadly to germs that lurk in the darkest corners of the bathroom. Of course, the lights are not harmful to us, however to be on the safe side they will be automatically activated when they sense there are no passengers inside.

Jeanne Yu, (The Commercial Airplanes Director of Environmental Performance) recently told reporters that the key is to try and get rid of any anxiety people face when using toilets during flights. Particularly long-haul flights, when the restroom gets a “workout.” Yes, that conjures up some nasty images for us too. He goes on to explain how the bright lights will work, claiming they can also get rid of bad smells. Perfect!

This could be a great improvement to one of the most dreaded tasks when flying abroad. If you have always tried to avoid sitting in a plane bathroom before, then let’s hope that this wonderful invention gives you the bathroom visit you deserve. Rather than the peculiar smell that never leaves, the warm toilet seat that has questionable stains, and the fact that everything is sticky.

This self-cleaning wonder of the bathroom world has not gone unnoticed, as the Boeing’s Clean Lavatory has become a finalist for the Crystal Cabin Award at the Hamburg Aircraft Interiors Expo, which is running in early April.

Avid flyers are eager for this to be released worldwide, to create a clean and comfortable environment, for all of our mysterious visits to the bathroom. We just hope that it comes with self-cleaning reading material next to the toilet!

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