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Virtual Reality Headset in your McDonald’s Happy Meal Box – It’s a Reality!


McDonald’s has been a staple in every burger lovers diet since its first opening in 1955, and it has not shown any signs of stopping. With every child crying over a Happy Meal, with their exciting toys that sit inside, it is no wonder that McDonald’s is looking for new ways to turn those plastic toys of happiness, into something much more spectacular.

Happy Goggles

With people’s fascination with new technology rising at the current rate, it is no surprise that the McDonald’s in Sweden have made a life changing Happy Meal. One that may even make the adults cry with glee. Their new idea is to create a virtual reality Happy Meal Box, that can transport you into another world with just a couple of chicken nuggets. Well, kind of.

The wonderfully named “Happy Goggles” promises to change the way that you look at their trademark red and yellow cardboard box. With just a few folds of their well marked perforated lines, customers can turn their packaging into virtual reality glasses that can snugly fit in a smartphone. Of course, you have to supply the phone – they’re not that generous. However, McDonald’s promises always to provide the fun.

Very similar to the Google Cardboard idea, the Happy Goggles will be a homemade life changer. Once you create your masterpiece and slip your phone inside, you will then be able to display all of the virtual reality content available. The first game that has been designed, available for download March 4th, is the skiing sensation “Slope Stars”. It’s not just the catchy name that will draw you in, but the fact that the game has been endorsed and designed by the Swedish National Ski Team, leaving every Swedish Happy Goggle user feeling very much at home.

Swedish McDonald’s

With this excellent idea hitting the shelves very shortly, Happy Goggles will soon be making its way to two hundred other Swedish McDonald’s locations. With these kinds of numbers, they are obviously convinced it will be a hit. McDonald’s have announced that their younger customers will be thrilled with the new idea, and it will not only make their experience more enjoyable but the adults too! Giving the grown-ups either a well-deserved break or something very fun and unique to do with the children.

Although don’t worry if you feel left out of the opportunity, as McDonald’s have claimed to move the idea out to different branches worldwide, should this be the hit that they have claimed it would be. Of course, it is easy to pass this off as one of the strange but unique ventures that the food brand has reached for over the years, but this could, in fact, be the start of hundreds of companies breaking into the technology world.

If you truly can’t wait – you’re not the only one – then we have heard it is easy to cut two holes into the every day happy meal box, and then just hold up your phone in front! Although you may want to watch out for passing children with boxes as hats, it might just cause some trouble!

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