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What’s Next for the World’s Biggest Apps?


With most of our lives spent scrolling through every application that we have on our phones, it is no surprise that they are all looking to become the biggest and most used out of their competitors. “They are great as they are!” we hear you scream, and trust us, we know what you mean. Every time that a new update flashes up on our screen on our favourite application, it means that something new and different is about to ruin the way that we use our apps. So to keep you in the loop, we’re here to let you know in advance, the new updates to our favourite applications will no doubt leave us steaming in anger.

Timeline Changes

One of the biggest shocks to our news feeds in recent times was when Mark Zuckerberg decided to change the news feed algorithm on Facebook. This meant that the things that we read wouldn’t be in chronological order  anymore. Therefore no longer allowing us to keep up to date with our friends, but rather read things that Facebook thinks that we would like to see. No more accidentally stumbling across your ex partner’s status, but seeing more advertisements that drive us up the wall. Leaving us screaming “No I do not want to like that page, I have successfully ignored it for years, why would I want to do it now?” Not only did this impact the way we saw our news feeds, but it had a huge impact on business’ Facebook pages too.

Well, don’t hold your breath that our beloved Instagram, who’s chronological order we cherish, is going to stay the same. Mark Zuckerberg has recently revealed that they are going to do the same to Instagram. He promises that it will be a lot better than the Facebook change, and they will truly concentrate on perfecting it. However, the entire world cannot understand why he couldn’t work out the problem areas on Facebook and leave our beloved, untouched Instagram alone. Although the change means that more money can be spent on adverts to bump up money for Facebook’s owners, it means that the unlucky users will have to once more scroll through endless nonsense, and posts that we do not want to see. Yet again, the unnoticed Instagram users who are fighting to bring up their follower numbers will go completely unnoticed and forgotten, whereas the already popular accounts will continue to rise.

Facebook Messenger

Well, if that isn’t enough to make your blood boil, then beware talking to companies on Facebook messenger, as a recently leaked document revealed that soon you will be receiving advertisements and more through to your phone. Facebook has encouraged companies to open conversations with messenger users before the new update so that they can send spam-like emails and advertisements to them whenever they wish. Although Facebook has refused to comment on the new update, it has confirmed that they do everything in the interest of their users, although that is hard to picture when it is allowing companies to spam you all day long. No wonder they forced us to download messenger!

Combine all of the above with the rumours that Twitter will be soon changing their algorithm and follow suit, it is enough to put the users off using the applications at all! Our advice to you is to kiss goodbye to your freedom to scroll through what you want to, and never miss an update; and hello to controlled viewing and constant spam and adverts. I guess it is a change we will have to get used to!


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