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World’s First Autonomous Drone Ambulance Lifts Off


A technology company in Israel have designed the world’s first Autonomous drone ambulance, designed to lift two passengers off the ground and take them safely to the hospital. Designed with war zones in mind, they have created their drone to pick up casualties, where they would otherwise be left due to no escape plan being in place.

AirMule Drone Ambulance

Tactical Robots, the company who have created this masterpiece have aptly named it AirMule and have designed the drone so it can carry 992 pounds for a distance of thirty-one miles, all powered by a single engine and an internal rotor drone, and nothing more. Which is pretty impressive for such a small and evasive unit.

The company (Tactical Robots) has recently received clearance by the Israeli Civil Aviation Authority for its first flight into the skies. Of course, the maiden voyage was a complete success and took place at the Megiddo airfield at the end of 2015, although the recent footage revealing its first flight has only been released.

Maiden Flight

Although by the footage, you can see it is not an easy flight to take (No reclining chairs and glasses of champagne on this flight!) you can see how impressive that small aircraft truly is, and what a massive help it will be on the battlefield. Hundreds of soldiers are lost each year due to them being injured in an area where they are not recoverable and cannot be carried to safety. Due to this, Tactical Robots aims to cut this down completely and give everyone a fighting chance to survive, which is something I am sure we can all agree with.

Of course, this isn’t the first drone to carry humans to and from a destination, as a Chinese company revealed only a few days ago – their creation, the eHang 184. Although it is a similar conception, the Chinese company are developing their idea as a drone taxi rather than an ambulance, but who else wouldn’t mind skipping traffic!

The AirMule has been in development for at least a decade and has constantly been perfected to allow the safety and easy escape from a battlefield for both the passengers and the driver. It has been adapted to navigate woodlands, urban areas and can even vertically takeoff and land!

Tactical Robots reported “We initiated and carried out a rigorous examination process with the Israeli CAA in order to get authorisation for untethered flight testing. All in all, we expect that in 2016 we will finally be able to demonstrate some of AirMule’s unique capabilities”. Of course, this leads us to contemplate that everything we think we know about this drone could be nothing in comparison to its true talents, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see some magical takeoffs in a battlefield soon!

With everything in mind, many people are really excited to see the AirMule come into play. The fact that they’ll be able to put the safety of the solider first is the number one priority in all of this, so fingers crossed we see more of these guys soon.

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