4 good reasons why women travel alone


It might come as a surprise to you, but the amount of women travelling alone is on the rise.

Many women put off travelling simply because ‘they didn’t have someone to go with’. This excuse coupled with the warnings of travel safety, is stopping many women from following their dreams of seeing the world. However, the trend of female solo travelers is slowly picking up, with many being inspired by stories they read on social media. Also there comes a point when daily expectations and work pressure becomes enough, and you just can’t wait any longer to go on your travel adventure.

With this welcoming movement of female travelers becoming more popular, many people wonder what it is that inspires women to go it alone. Maybe you’re thinking of doing it yourself. Either way, the following reasons might surprise you more than you think.

Travelling without Compromise

When women travel, they often like to travel differently to men. Especially if they are going alone. If you’ve ever gone travelling as a couple, you will understand what I mean. When women travel alone, the types of activities they plan to do are often miles apart from what men hope to do. For example, volunteer work is extremely popular for solo female travelers, as well as yoga retreats and meditation. That’s not to say that women won’t go bungee jumping or men won’t sit for 10 days in silence. It is just that lone female travelers choose to travel alone to feel liberated and avoid compromising what they want for other people. We all know women do that too much anyway.

Gain Confidence

Unfortunately, this world has still got a long way to go before men and women can truly feel equal. Part of travelling alone gives women the chance to gain confidence in doing something many people object against. If you haven’t noticed, women’s travel safety always comes with a big warning. Much bigger than it is for men. This means that women are put off against solo travel due to the risk of getting hurt. Obviously, as a woman, you should not ignore these warnings, they are based on facts. However, being smart and understanding how to travel alone will significantly reduce your risk of harm, allowing you to have the most amazing adventure and gain confidence as a female traveler and as a woman.

Get Out of that Rut

These days, the pressure on women to be successful career women, loving wives and caring mothers (not forgetting having a totally hot body), is extremely difficult. This leaves many of women in ruts, just thinking about it. This is why travelling alone has become so much more appealing; it’s a way to really find yourself and do some well deserved soul searching.  Not only does this give women the break they need from regular life and expectations, but gives them a chance to come back recharged and be much more sure of what they want in life.

Forget the Drama

Whether it’s getting out of a broken relationship or you simply cannot face another one of those beach holidays with the girls, many women turn to travelling alone to literally ‘forget the drama’. We all know that going abroad as a couple or with friends can, and often does, turn into a drama filled vacation, and not the restful one you were hoping for. If this sounds familiar, then lone travel might be ideal. Travelling alone gives you the opportunity to just get some ‘you time’, something many women understand deeply.