5 top candy factories you can visit


If you’ve gone away with the family, you will probably want to think about things you can do to keep the kids entertained and amused. We know they can get bored easily, and that you will need to come up with fun things for them all to do. What do we know kids love? That’s right, candy! But, you’re hardly about to go to the store, buy a handful of candy and just give it to them.

You need something that will hold their interest, provide them with some much loved candy, and teach them a thing or two. Unfortunately, Halloween is over, but not to worry, we have the next best thing, and that is a tour of candy factories! There are loads of tours of candy factories you can do, and it’s a great way to pass some time, gives you as family day out, and gets the kids the candy the crave so much!

Hershey’s Chocolate World

If you want to find yourself in chocolate heaven, you need to make sure you head to Pennsylvania for this incredible tour of the award-winning chocolatiers. In fact, this tour is so popular they even made a theme park ride out of it! This free tour takes you through the process of making chocolate at Hershey’s, and you get to see what the process involves. You’ll learn a lot here, and you will also have the option to join a candy tasting adventure, a 4D experience, and you can create your own candy bar at the same time.

Jelly Belly Factory

It’s not just chocolate tours you can do though, there is also an excellent and memorable tour of the Jelly Belly factory too. Founded in 1869, these gourmet jelly bean makers have become something of an institution in the candy world these days. You can do a 40-minute walking tour of the factory in Fairfield, California, and find out all the secrets about how the candy is made. You can sample some of the delicious flavors, and visit the store afterward to stock up.

Wolfgang Candy Company

Wolfgang Candy Company is a company out there that has been producing chocolate since 1921. This is another of the awesome factories you can visit in Philly, and you can enjoy a memorable and interesting tour of the place. This will help you to work up a sweet tooth, and then you can splurge at the shop after, and stock up on candy.

PEZ Visitors Center

Do you guys remember the time when PEZ was all the craze, and everyone seemed to be eating them, or at least wanting to eat them? These awesome candies were a big part of childhood, so it’s no wonder there is a market for a PEZ factory tour. It features the world’s tallest PEZ dispenser, as well as an interactive element that is just heaps of fun.

Hammond’s Candies Factory Tour

Head to Colorado, and check out Hammond’s and the epic factory tour they offer visitors. There is so much to see here, along with free tastings, and the tour itself is absolutely free of charge. You can watch how the candies are made, and all hand wrapped to ensure uniqueness and quality. Tours take place every 30 minutes, and they are a great way of ensuring you get the full and proper experience.

If you want to choose the right sort of candy factory tour, we would definitely recommend you try these ones. There are so many excellent candy factories throughout the country, as well as some abroad too, but we think these five are the best to visit for families and candy lovers please.