7 awesome cleaning tricks to steal from a hotel housekeeper


Let’s be honest; nobody enjoys cleaning. It’s even more unenjoyable when you can’t get that stubborn stain out of your carpet, or you can’t remove the scum from your bathtub. But it seems like whenever you got to a hotel, the rooms and bathrooms are spotless. Have you ever wondered ‘how?!’ – Take a look at these seven awesome cleaning tricks you can steal from a hotel housekeeper.


Clear away all the clutter before you start

If you’re constantly cleaning around your pots and pans or your toothbrush holder, you’re not really cleaning it properly. Any maid will tell you that before you begin your deep clean, you need to clean all of your clutter and start off with a fresh slate so you can clean properly every time! (Yay, fun). Clearing away all of the odd items will remove the temptation of wiping around them.

Use the right cloths

Using the wrong cloth when you’re cleaning can actually result in more dust. This means more cleaning… and more cleaning. To make your life easier, hotel maids will always use microfiber cloths. These cloths pick up more dust than any other cloth out there – but if you don’t have one, there are other substitutes. If you use rags that are 100% cotton (you can even use an old T-shirt or an old pillowcase) and dampen them, they will work just as well to pick up the dust. Terrycloth towels and polyester cloths will create more dust, so avoid at all cost!

Give your drapes a good whack

You might not realize, but drapes hold a huge amount of dust. These dust particles then circulate the room, and the time you spent dusting will be made redundant. To ‘dust’ your drapes, cleaning experts recommend you give them a good whack with a hand towel to get the dust out. This will provide the right amount of force needed to withdraw the dust, without making your arm tired in the process. When you can see the dust on the floor, vacuum it up. Et voila.


They allow time

Getting your cleaning done quickly is what everyone wants. But most cleaning experts know that to clean your house fully, you need to give it time. Many of the cleaning products that maids and cleaners use take a while to do their job – and if you leave them long enough, they’ll do the job for you. Leaving on cleaning sprays onto walls, bathroom tiles or toilets for a few minutes will allow the product to work its magic, and should only require a quite wipe rather than a long scrub.

Use a caddy

If you go to a hotel, you’ll see the housekeeping maids making their rounds with their trolleys and caddies. Sure, you don’t have a hotel to clean but it can sometimes feel like it, and anything to make your life easier is worth using. If you make yourself a mini version of their carts, you can make your cleaning both easier and quicker. If you fill a bin or bucket with all of your cleaning products and supplies, you can keep all of it together and carry it around with you to each room. This saves time and doesn’t require you to go back and forth to your cleaning cupboard. If you keep it in your laundry room, you can get it whenever you want to clean. Job done.


Always have a toothbrush on you

But please… never a used one. Or one you intend to use. Having a toothbrush on you when you’re cleaning can be a godsend. Often, there are little nooks and crannies that your big brushes and cloths just can’t quite get to. Having a toothbrush to hand will allow you to get into those tiny cracks, like around the bottom of a toilet. Toothbrushes are incredibly cheap so won’t break the bank, just remember to keep it in your cleaning caddy, rather than your toothbrush holder.

White vinegar and water

Maids and professional cleaners swear by white vinegar and water and even prefer using it to other cleaning products. This combination can clean anything from glass to work surfaces, and can even clean the residue left by ordinary cleaning products. For the best results, fill a spray bottle with three parts water, and one part vinegar to let the magic happen.